Friday, 3 December 2010

The Alex Jones lies about Bill Cooper. The Replacement

Okay, as part of my "infowar" on Alex Jones, I want to present to you some Jones critiques of the late William Cooper. Now if you havent listened to Cooper's work, I have presented you in previous articles the opportunity to do so. Compare that with what Jones has to say..this will be updated shortly.

Jones' toyboy Jason Bermas. Who apparently pitched a tent in Jones backyard before he was allowed to join him in his quest to scare America into rioting.

An interesting video that suggests Jones is part of Project Mockingbird:

Wikipedia link on Operation Mockingbird

Bill Cooper, Mystery Babylon

This is just to give you a link to my Youtube, where I am uploading every episode of Cooper's Mystery Babylon series. I'm sure there are episodes all over the internet, However I feel that putting them all in one place so that listeners can go from one episode to the next - in order - is the best thing to do to honour Bill's memory.

Bill felt that this was his shining achievement, and to see them scattered all over the place when I have every episode on CD is just a waste.

Whilst I believe that he was right on the money, I will warn you that this is heavy stuff, and takes alot of concentration. You will probably have to do some research yourself. But if you can knuckle down and listen - and learn - you will be opening yourself up to new concepts and new ideas.

Now you will discover that Mystery Babylon is a term from the Bible. If you arent a Christian don't discount it on that basis. Its mentioned there because Babylonian religion was the basis of all pagan religions in the middle east - and the Roman Empire. Once Christianity took over as the dominant religion MB went underground, and IS the oldest religion in existence, and is the religion of the upper-class elites (think Bohemian Grove and the big owl, and all the symbolism in movies).

Here is the link to my Youtube page, please ignore the stupid name, I've had this account since about 2006:

Click here

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

R.I.P WIlliam Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)

"I believe first in God, the same God my ancestors believed in. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my saviour. Second, I believe in the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, without interpretation, as it was meant to work. I have given my sacred oath "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. I intend to fulfill that oath. Third, I believe in the family unit and, in particular, my family unit. I have sworn that I will give my life, if it is required, in defense of God, the Constitution, or my family. Fourth, I believe that any man without principles that he is willing to die for at any given moment is already dead and of no use or consequence whatsoever."

M. William Cooper
August 3, 1990
Camp Verde, Arizona

Not posted for a while, frankly guys I haven't much to say at the moment..It just seems to be same old same old. Although I will let you know that I bought 'Behold a Pale Horse' by the true late-legend Bill Cooper. RIP Bill.

I'm going to also add a documentary on his life too, called 'The Hour of Our Time' you can view it here

The reason I mention Bill, is because on November 5th 2001 he was murdered by police, if you view the documentary you will see the whole story from beginning to end, you may not know anything about him..but research and you will see that everything happening now, Wikileaks, Alex Jones and his militant "infowars", all of it stems from his death.

Cooper exposes 9/11 before it happens and he dies 2 months after it happens:

Already building up his empire Jones takes over, builds a massive organization and rakes in huge profits and EVEN manages to get TV interviews spreading his shit. Yet one of his biggest achievements was getting "9/11 was an inside job" into his followers psyches? Yet hes still alive?? You say perhaps he is too big, and his death would raise suspicion. Bill Cooper had 14 million listeners globally - thats easily as much as Jones if not more!

Now onto Wikileaks..perhaps the biggest (admitted) psy-op of the year. There has been alot of trust put into wikileaks by the truth community. But I've considered this, and heard on BBC News (half-jokingly - so you know its probably true) that there is belief in the connections of wikileaks to the CIA. Well it makes sense. Jones is CIA (in my opinion - back off lawyers) and he pushes wikileaks left, right, and centre (or at least he did when i listened Blog Article on Wikileaks

So how does this connect to Bill Cooper?

CAJI. Never heard of them? Well at one time it was the BIGGEST civilian intelligence agency in the world..yes the entire world. All set up and funded by Bill. When Bill died, it died as well. CAJI had people infiltrating organizations like the freemasons, set up contacts that Bill could interview, and provided complete anonymity for those involved whilst ensuring information COULD BE MADE PUBLIC. Sound familiar? Wikileaks has the CAJI crown, and the infowars seal of approval, and is now involved in a massive legal battle and is going to expose all the sources in court.

Basically, this is a massive psy-op for the public, and for those poor souls who thought they were doing the right thing in exposing themselves to danger to get the info out there..and the information was probably faked as well.

Everything Bill fought for and died for was replaced by lies and manipulation, and without him I fear we will never get out of this rut. People need a messiah and those smiling robots on TV seem to satiate that desire, and for those who need a messiah to lead them to freedom well, people like Jones will gladly do so whilst milking them of every penny.

Behold a Pale Horse is 500 pages, about 70% of that is DOCUMENTS. The rest is exposition explaining and pontificating about that and putting it into perspective - Go read an Icke book ;)

Sorry that this is such a massive rant, I will eventually review another commericial or something. just check back now and again guys.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Facebook Sex Subliminal

I will first point out, that I am not the discoverer of this subliminal. I had no idea until a few minutes ago actually that this existed, but its truly startling, and right in hundreds of millions of peoples faces daily when they go to log in.

Credit to "Planet of Visions" on the Icke forum for noticing this.
A quick search on this subliminal took me to Dwerg's post on

So its not just me, it is right there hidden in plain sight.

So I guess I should tell you oh reader how subliminals work. You look at a photograph in a newspaper, what do you see? maybe a page 3 model? or a politician meeting a delegate from another country. Or an advertisment. Needless to say, you see whatever you are expected to see by the photographer. You also see what YOU expect to see. as dictated by your own social values, fears, inner turmoils and conflicts, political leanings, sexual interests and so on. Your concious brain will tell you what is there based on this, and ignore anything that may affect you the elephant in the room.

However, your subconcious mind will record everything, and store everything, while you conciously block it all out. The information, including the subliminal will however remain there, being accessed as if it was a normal memory. Its only ignored conciously in order to protect your ego. This memory will affect your instinctive behaviour. Think of a girl looking at an ad for perfume, which may have a massive SEX subliminal in there - the girl a few weeks later Goes to the shopping mall, walks into a perfume store and sees that very brand. She just HAS to buy it. No reasoning, she just wants it.

That is how it works. its simple and effective and its probably one of many reasons for the rise of facebook, curious how it is on the LOGIN page and nowhere else :)

Also, if there are any doubts here is what it looks like originally

Now ask...Why are some connections conveniently ignored? take a look:-

Its right there in our faces, no effort actually made. Its not a coincidence, its engineered.

thanks for your time.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A new strength

Nobody ever thinks for themselves. No matter what. From cradle to grave we are products of programming. From the birth of civlization the higher ups in that society would search for ways to control their populations. Usually ending in a swell of debauchery and corruption that destroyed the society. This happened because the most effective way of controlling a person is via their sex drive. So sex would be promoted, as when a man is sexually active he is much easier to control, much more passive. There is milennia of practice now put into place in our society, and technology to support the agenda. This is why I would put forward that we are all..completely and utterly, products of programming, through and through..and that it takes alot to admit it. I am a slave to the system, But I will not allow it control me any longer.

I hope you all admit to yourselves the restraints that bind you. Because until you acknowledge your weaknesses you cannot turn them into strengths.

good luck!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lets not fight!

Recently I posted on a popular forum asking a question about the recent infobomb design. Basically I wondered why there was what seemed - to me - to be a pentagram. I just thought it was something of a risk for Jones' and somewhat dodgy anyway. Especially considering that at least some of his listening base would be a little perturbed about it.

Anyway, The response I got was, to say the least, hostile. But the infowarriors are - by their nature - hostile to criticism. But Alex Jones HAS TO be criticized, he has to be. Just as any leader of any movement has to be questioned, because no one man has superiority over any other. It takes a collective (a small one, not world government) to at least be able to say "hey, this isnt right" and to bring clarity to he who is given authority over others, and let me point out, Jones does have authority, if he is able to speak for his listeners, and to suck money away from them..then he is indeed in a position of authority.

But then we must ask, what does he do? Its all well and good to say that he "wakes people up" But to what? He speaks on mainstream news shows, which I find odd..if they were worried about him surely they would try to sweep him under the carpet? Also doesnt he quote news shows 24/7? the news which is (as Jones would say "admittedly") controlled by the elites. Things don't add up here, but noone on mainstream forums is able to express their opinions less they labeled a troll/shill/agent. this is basically the same as people questioning the policies of the american govt during the cold war and being labelled a communist. Criticize someone who actually shows evidence of being a disinformation agent and YOU WILL BE CALLED A DISINFORMATION AGENT.

The fact is, until someone can ask questions about their most loved leaders, whoever he/she may be. Even the ones that are fighting our enemies. Then we will never be free. This all happened because people gave up caring, because people valued commodities and conveniences over their own liberties.

I say lets not fight, this movement is not a truth movement, its a community that values freedom and liberty over all else. There is that famous saying, I don't like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Something along those lines anyway. There is nothing worse than silencing discontent.

Fighting for freedom, means fighting for ALL FREEDOM, not just the ones you like.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sky+ the spenglers and weeners

This is perhaps the oddest post I will ever make. Giant blue monsters resembling the creature from monsters inc are shopping around asda. theyre all "camp/effeminate" creatures, complaining about narrow aisles and then then at the end the dad talks about mega weeners, and the little boy hops in excitement and says "weeners!". Misdirection towards the car boot, and the dad says "it wants to stay up"

I just wanted to point this out, as most people won't even notice, and will laugh in derision when i say this points to pederasty and homosexuality in both disney (evil child molestation/sexualization organization) and the elites (well we all know how many penii your bottoms need to have recieved to join them. Why do they bother showing this on TV? well a. to laugh in our face and b. because the elites don't hate us, they kinda pity us, they want us to figure it out, because im guessing that thats how they recruit their members. c. its also how they communicate! the most innocuous thing that looks a little odd to viewers could be like a 2000 word essay to those in the know (a picture is worth a thousand words).

why are they blue? that i don't could mean that this innocuous, innocent advert is a revelation truth to the masses, and those that can see it, maybe are rewarded somehow. its a guess, if anyone knows why for a fact..please post.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Big Brother, the last day

Sometimes, I forget myself. But I just had to continue my Big brother analysis. I just realized that when talking about mundus patet: Roman feast of the dead, that now Big Brother is having a funeral, constant mention of R-Eye-P (RIP) and everyone wearing black.

Well today, September 10th is the feast of St Nicholas of Tolentino! who..wait for it is..the Saint of; in Philippines; dying people, and souls in purgatory! now I'm guessing he is venerated in the phillipines, but is saint of death everywhere. Now he does have other attributes but they would only work in esoteric terms, such as he is patron saint of mariners (mundus patet associated with water).

Isnt it interesting, the association between water and death.

i may as well show you all his patronages:

animals; babies; boatmen; diocese of Cabanatuan, Philippines; dying people; Lambunao, Philippines; Guimbal, Iloilo, mariners; diocese of Mati, Philippines; sailors; sick animals; souls in purgatory; diocese of Tandag, Philippines; watermen; St. Nicolas de Tolentino Parish, Naujan Or., Mindoro Philippines

So, lets see the weird associations between this frankly disturbed big brother series, its coming demise, and its connection to Mundus Patet of Ancient Rome, and St Nicholas of Tolentino, and lets ask WHY it has any relevance at all.

Okay, This is the same Big Brother house that was used in BB11, where we had our little flood towards the end, in celebration of Mundus Patet, Nicholas Tolentino is of course patron saint of watermen. Davina Mcaw, the plastic parrot in the house, hardly ever used might I add - "Nicholas, a vegetarian, was served a roasted fowl over which he made the sign of the cross, and it flew out a window". Big Brother house(in)mates have spent alot of time recently talking about how much Big Brother has changed their lives, made them successful and - this is just from wikipedia may I add "He ministered to his flock, helped the poor and visited prisoners" well the housemates could be classed as poor prisoners.

Okay maybe this is a stretch, but there is no reason for Big Brother to finish now, its ratings are up. and there is the roman connection here, remember/realise that the roman PAGAN empire still exists, its gods are now saints, its pope is god on earth, it has been said many times. the church is the whore of babylon, never forget that. So these rituals do occur, and with millions of viewers big brother is the place for it - at least in britain.

Another interesting point is Dave from BB11, the guy who was continually possessed and called it "the glory", he was certainly an effeminate character, not really befitting the stereotype of a straight-laced christian character who was morally straight.

I have to leave it here, because as it is, I'm unable to ascertain what is going on here. Maybe once I've seen the final, which will of course be the Mundus Patet/veneration ceremony. expect to see some priests..even if theyre just actors!

And finally let us never forget the Ol' Nick is saint of souls in purgatory, Big Brother itself is a kind of purgatory, as these poor people have their lives strewn around the media, they await there fate whilst in the BB house, to face judgement on their eviction..question they go to heaven or hell?

well for poor Nadia, it looks like Hell Daily Mail: Suicide Attempt

Also, crucifixion symbology with Dermot's Last Supper.

Why am I constantly disturbed by this show?! Theres something just so degenerate about it. :/

9/11 its getting close

This is just a quick entry in case anyone doesnt know of Lenon Honor. Well he's been tracking the news in the run up to September 11 2010. Very subtly the media begins to change as 9/11 gets closer, and more and more stories become violent, feature aeroplanes, just as subconcious reminder, in the same way that trauma based mind control is used in Monarch programming, well guys, im sorry to scare you, but its used on the general public as well. Perhaps not as effectively (don't expect to have full blown alters) as you don't get ass raped and beaten by handlers. But you will have a form of emotional dysfunction, We all do these days. It may be interesting to point out how immature this current generation is, the generation of 18 to 25 year olds. It may just be my own opinion and not a scientific fact, but it seems to me that since 9/11 we are all stuck there. it was massively traumatic, imprinted on our minds, constant repeats of the collapsing towers, plane crashes again and again, is there a day that goes by that we dont for just a second think of 9/11? every time the news is on, expecting another that never comes. Moving from disaster to disaster BP oil spill, political scandals. Since that day in 2001, the world has just gone weird. To a point now that even the "non-awake" notices it, perhaps doesnt put two and two together that its all fake. but then again most of our so called "truth" movement (i.e. alex jones - the fucking arsehole)pushes mainstream news as well.

We all have to find our own truth and not be led, but i do have to disagree with celtic rebel, who said in his latest show that we shouldnt follow anyone. Whilst I understand his point and agree there - i would say that we shouldnt have to follow anyone, but we are all so weakened and degraded by the constant bombardment, that naturally leaders will develop. Its our job to support them, let them do their work, and then read/listen and then research. Never take anything as THE truth. Sadly it is true that leadership tends to lead to violence (religion, world wars etc) but a healthy respect for each others religions would be helpful, in essence it isnt the religion that causes the wars, but the exploitation of that religion, and its followers..usually by the religious leaders and the "secret" societies.

If American christians and the worlds muslims could actually communicate without media interference, or by forced false perceptions given by national leaders, there would of course be disagreement. But I ask you..

Where are the terrorists?

Monday, 6 September 2010

As Mentioned by Celtic Rebel

Today is a great day, today the GREAT Celtic Rebel mentioned me in his blog, I'm at the point now where I am tempted to put a "As Mentioned by Celtic Rebel" on my blog, but I will restrain myself.

My ego has been fed, and that is a good thing, its a push to continue my work, to continue to use my brain to answer questions instead of allowing the all powerful TV to do it for me.

Thank you Celtic Rebel, may we one day collaborate!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Why Does Nobody Look Up?! (updated)

These images speak for themselves, 9am is the time to get out there, I don't understand it myself, should people ignore it? Is ignorance bliss? Or is the fact that all across the western world Barium Oxide is being dumped into sky something that should be all over mainstream news? Of course its nowhere to be seen, thats to be expected, but chemtrails aren't something that need to be reported, they're there right above you right now! go out and look!

But no-one does, and even if they see them..if you tell them what they are...YOU ARE NUTS. But frankly, I'm happy to be off my rocker.

Just checking my comments and this was posted by Adenae - thanks for that, I apologise that it took nearly three weeks to notice, I should check my comments more!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Big Brother and the gates to Hades (updated)

This is just to get me started, but it seems like Big Brother tonight, with mario and his monarch butterflies and Josie throughout the years, it has something of ritual...strange show, ominously the eye behind davina, and the suspicion of vote rigging and the implied "Josie is gonna win" for the past few weeks says to me that we have been laughed at and the achievement is theirs not ours.

This is something I'm gonna have to think about..but the 24th of August..I'm gonna have to research this more..wikipedia

1215 – Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid.
1814 – British troops invade Washington, D.C. and burn down the White House and several other buildings.
1949 – The treaty creating NATO goes into effect.
1954 – The Communist Control Act goes into effect. The American Communist Party is outlawed.
1998 – First RFID human implantation tested in the United Kingdom.

Mundus patet, a harvest feast involving the dead. (Roman Empire)
A lapis manalis (Latin: "stone of the Manes"[citation needed]) was either of two sacred stones used in the Roman religion. One covered a gate to Hades, abode of the dead; Festus called it ostium Orci, "the gate of Orcus". The other was used to make rain; this one may have no direct relationship with the Manes, but is instead derived from the verb manare, "to flow".

The two stones had the same name. However, the grammarian Festus held the cover to the gate of the underworld and the rainmaking stone to be two distinct stones.

-Could it be that the Big Brother house is a symbolic representation of the gate to hades? it would explain alot, the kind of fire and brimstone, distorted behaviours and the kind of devil themes (whats with the dummy) that have been abounding.

another aspect is making it rain ...

Obviously I have handpicked this stuff, but wow, its kinda weird! This years Big Brother is extremely ritualistic, more so than previously.

Oh and Now we have ULTIMATE Big strange that this is also (24th August) the day that 1600 years ago Rome fell to the Visigoths

"Tuesday marks the 1,600th anniversary of one of the turning points of European history - the first sack of Imperial Rome by an army of Visigoths, northern European barbarian tribesmen, led by a general called Alaric." BBC

all I can say now, is shits getting real - the voyeuristic gladiatorial game that is this show,its Ultimate! [google definition = furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme; "the ultimate achievement"; "the ultimate question"; "man's ultimate destiny"; "the ultimate insult"; "one's ultimate goal in life" ]

notice furthest in degree or order, it seems that perhaps Big Brother has decided to show us the BEST it has to offer, those above us. But frankly the end is nigh for big brother (at least the show) but it intends to weave a magic spell upon us, just as Anthea Turner weaved a nice subliminal in the other day (Love Big Brother, Big Brother is nice sometimes. The kind of finality though, bringing the old in with the new, I just cannot put my finger on it, but eventually I will have an answer and an update as to what is going on here

Okay, I'm lazy so my update will not involve any real editing of this piece. Basically, I've struggled to bring myself to watch the show, and with the possibility of the move to Channel 5, any kind of ritual being performed by the elites via Endemol may not be so important, however I have come to the conclusion that the ENTIRE show itself is staged, even the interactions between housemates. For example the developing "love story" between exes Preston and Chantelle, or the odd behaviour of the "housemates"

just look at ultimate bb say 12 - sourced from Unreality TV

"All of the housemates are in the Bedroom. They are woken up by ‘It’s oh so quiet’ by Bjork. All the housemates dance and sing along.

Brian tells Chantelle about the dream he had last night about Girls Aloud. He stops talking when he notices a chalk board table in the Living Room. Chantelle points out that this must be for Vanessa."

Brian really dreamt about Girls Aloud? Or is Brian actually being paid to sponsor them?

"Michelle and Preston are in the Garden talking about the eviction of Nadia and Makosi. “It’s sad hearing your friends get booed”, says Preston. Michelle agrees. “It’s all a charade”, he adds." indeed, it is all a charade.

Nice little weight superliminal: "Housemates are in the Living Room discussing Vanessa’s gastric band. “Do they half your stomach”, asks Vanessa. Vanessa uses a plastic bottle and elastic band to explain the process. “I think you look amazing”, says Nikki." - well of course she does, shes had a gastric band fitted! forget exercise, you know, what humans have done for hundreds of thousands of years. No go get surgery and sit on your arse all day!

the tasks are not only puerile, they're just plain weird

"In the task room the housemates are called one by one to face their challenges. All challenges are being set by Big Brother 9′s Rex. He is in the task room dressed as a devil. Brian is asked to find a needle in a nettle stack, Michelle has to be tickled for three minutes by Big Brother 4′s Jon Tickle, Nikki has to transfer dead fish into a bowl of ice, Ulrika has to eat wasabi and lard ice cream, Vanessa and Chantelle must play catch with a cactus, Preston has to face three minutes of wrestling holds, Nick has to crawl along a line of hairbrushes and Victor has to be fired at with a range of nasty substances followed by a cream pie. Housemates manage to remain silent passing the task."

devil?? why a devil?? can anyone explain this? other than a desensitization towards demonic entities. If your into that, you should check out most of Lenon Honors work - my god that man is inspirational at times!

I will point out that even though i dont watch this shit anymore, and thus have seen NONE of this, I can already see that Victor being fired at with a range of nasty substances followed by a "cream pie" is little more than being WAYY TOO OBVIOUS!
My job is so easy sometimes

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bad Language in movies..why?

This is your hedonistic slave future and heres how:

Ever wondered why every hollywood film has certain swear words in them? Why are they needed? What do they bring to the fore? Does every American speak like this? It doesnt seem like a natural way to speak, of course we've all said "fuck" when we've hurt ourselves..but why does EVERY Hollywood film have alot of:

-God damn it! - usually as much blasphemy as is possible.
-shit used as every grammatical form
-copius amounts of fuck whenever possible
-lots of ass shots, usually you wont notice, but theyre there.

In fact, watch a film from the 30s, 40s, and 50s - see if you can follow what theyre talking about - check for blasphemy or swear words (now hollywood wasnt innocent then either, but its an interesting comparison). The entire premise and format of the movie is different; including filming styles, camera angles, editing and most notably the expected intelligence of the viewer. The actors speak so quickly you struggle to comprehend what theyre saying -Thats not their fault, people ACTUALLY used to speak that quickly, even "dumb" americans. its only since the chemical bombardment and increased devaluation of intelligence that [all] talk as slowly and are as emotionally unstable as we are.

But yes, onto hollywood and its use of bad language. Ask yourself if it adds to realism, I would imagine you would say it does, I mean, if your fighting in a warzone, or being chased by a serial killer, or have the weight of the world on your shoulders you would swear, right? but why?
could it be that you swear because hollywood has programmed it? yes, people didnt used to swear, but they do now, and usually swearing is words describing base functions and just think, since the advent of swearing in movies and on TV, we have all begun to swear a hell of alot self respecting man in the 50s would tell his wife to eff off, or would stand out in public pissing up a wall, or acting like a 12 year old..or blaspheming (they would NEVER blaspheme!.

here is what swear words in movies are referencing:

shit - faeces
fuck - sexual intercourse, usually violent or aggressive
c*nt - vagina
d*ck- penis

and so on..

So what value does this add to the movie? I would argue that the reason so many people swear nowadays is because its been glamorized and programmed in the media. I would also argue that the lack of vocabulary possessed by the majority of people is also caused by movies, tv and media, most films have the same language, just redefined. Whats interesting is the "look at that ass" most people say now, as if a woman is a walking ass, I remember watching films like American Pie and Road Trip, in fact most teen comedy films have MASSIVE focus on the female ass and thus Its quite funny really that men spend more time trying to sodomize a woman than actually have sex with her nowadays, without realising its because they dont have a mind of their own.

So why all this? why are all hollywood movies now violent, aggressive, depressing fares?

Tp program you..why all the alien invasion movies, why all the end times movies? to program you to react a specific way, JUST IN CASE. If martial law was ever implemented due to some kind of externalised threat, I guarantee there would be looting, its the most pointless exercise ever (steals TVs when the power is out) but everything from movies to TV documentaries says that if there was a crisis there would be looting - therefore I can guarantee there will, and what would follow from that is a culling of the population.

Hollywood is predictive programming, its packed chock full of subliminals (behavioural instructions hidden from concious acknowledgement) and superliminals (hidden in plain sight but usually undetectable due to zombification caused by all that ACTION) that sit there in your mind just waiting for the right situation to pop up and begin working away.

To put this simply, humans are imitators to the highest degree, so much so we dont even realise we are doing it. We watch a movie and soak up all the behaviour, memes, language etc so we see someone robbing a bank, we find the person we identify with most and imitate, so if we see everyone in the bank lie down disarmed begging for their lives, we remember that behaviour, and even if you see the protagonist fighting the robbers off, we may conciously believe thats how we would behave, but the subliminal programming is there, we were told to disarm (lie down and shut up) without realising it.

Just like those ass shots that creep into movies during every sex scene (ass = sex)and also not, you will notice shots usually sweeping shots of landscape that start at the buttocks and move round...or the use of swearing, we dont realise we're doing it, or we imitate to fit in. Its also why we see more men with their tops off than women..think about that..why can men take their tops off but not women? whats the reason for this social convention??
we will never know but i can assume its not got our best intentions at heart.

The agenda is this, make men effeminate and weak (so they're no longer a threat), make women bi-sexual (decrease population), and eventually make men obsolete as childbearers to the point where the state is totally in charge of reproduction. Now this can be done at gunpoint or it can be crept in via chemical bombardment and media programming. the easiest way in the long run is the latter and that is the plan.

So why swear words? well, those words are used all the time by the masses, and are mostly used in their correct contexts, the reason those words are used (f*ck shit dick etc) are to make you think about sex, think "fuck you!" around death "fuck you! " in anger, association. shit is used constantly as the fecaphilia agenda pushes forward, the more accustomed to it and disarmed we are, the easier it will be for men to pursue each others "asses" rather than those of bi-sexual "liberated" womens.

why blasphemy? the more accustomed to that you become, the less religious relevance there will be, its everywhere now, and you dont even see it anymore. Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant, it WAS the faith that mattered, the more worldly you are, obsessed with material wealth and anal sex, the more you use god as a swear word, the less of a threat you become. there was a time when "god damn it" would have resulted in thousands of complaints and a massive public outcry, repetition = compliance.

Hollywood has already declared its actors as gods, "stars" were once nightsky objects that held massive religious significance, the mystery religions (obviously still do) and tribes worshipped constellations that were given names and are still known today. So how convenient that celebrities are also known as stars, and that Morgan FREE-MAN plays God in that God-awful movie Bruce Almighty.

everything has significance, and the transhumanist sociopathic homosexual agenda goes much further than this, but if you read this post all the way through, next time you watch a big hollywood blockbuster, ask why theyre swearing, why theres so many shots of buttocks, and why do they keep saying "God Damn It!"

Friday, 20 August 2010

Oh God, talk about hidden in plain sight!!

Saw this about an hour ago on TV, wow, just wow!

Nonsense + more nonsense does not make sense

Sorry its been so long guys, I've started a new job and have been concentrating on that rather than blogging, I know that really I should be balancing both but I suppose it comes with growing up too fast that things get left behind. Needless to say my research hasn't, I've been reading new blogs, downloaded a massive William Cooper - hour of the time archive here and have been banned from the David Icke forums for telling a mod to fuck off, ah well! needless to say my opinions of the mods on that forum, and of David Icke have become very much sour. I've spent weeks in criticism of him and Alex Jones, as they are exploitative, arrogant, money grabbing disinfo agents.

Dont believe me? good! Don't believe me, because if you do without evidence then you will not grow as a person. Come to your own conclusions yourself, research! Use google!

Ask yourself: Why there needs to be a new world order? how could martial law benefit the priest class? Why reptilian aliens? why not insects? why snake men from the 5th dimension? why not the 6th or 7th or 8th or 9th or 10th or 11th?
Does David Icke's/Alex Jones' theories stand up to scrutiny or scientific analysis?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding..NO

firstly, a global government puts an end to war - thats what alex jones says, david icke, and lots of others, yet war is the most efficient way to reduce population, granted, a third world war with nukes could kill billions, which would do the job well, and then global government would have massive support with the survivors. But thats messy..chemical bombardment may be slower but its just as efficient. So while there may be global government on the cards, it wont be due to war, at least not an apocalyptic one, imagine all those slaves who could have made a profit for the NWO, or built a new pyramid or whatever.

I'm not criticising there being a NWO plan for global socialist government, THERE IS. But what I'm saying is that its not going to be mega fast like Jones and Icke put out. Don't expect to wake up tomorrow and there be troops in the streets and Nukes flying over your head.

There will be no martial law, not in the near future anyway, its not going to be beneficial, the medes and priest class want your adoration not your fear. If there is fear there will be rebellion, if there is love there will be worship. Notice the perception of Obama as superman! and in the UK the tides are turning pro David Cameron, the agenda is predictable, make the masses love you, and they will follow you to hell, make them hate you - and you will burn.

So why reptilians? this one is easy, look at reptilian aliens in the media, they can be anthropomorphised in a way that giant ants, or spiders cant. They also have a snakelike Luciferian quality.
They are perceived as being evil, cold killers that will hunt down prey relentlessly, and are a more realistic threat than say, cat-people. However, the idea that they shape-shift? It requires vast leaps of faith and shit loads of pseudoscience and new age bollocks to make it work, the idea that a 5 foot queen mother can suddenly become an 11 foot reptile is just insane, it really is.
Just think, in order to make this work, these reptiles have to come from another dimension, but if they were from another dimension, their interaction would be irrelevant, for example, a wall is a two dimensional surface, this wall contains life, but interaction is arbitrary, you can kill it, heat it up, or culture it - this life is bacteria and single celled organisms.
If these organisms possessed their own David Icke, this David Icke wouldn't be talking about humans trying to destroy their world; they would be talking about shape-shifting E-Coli, because as dimensions increase the organisms becomes more complicated, think of flatland. We are incapable of perceiving the life that inhabits higher dimensions but they are indeed capable of perceiving us, but we can safely say they will be unlike ANYTHING we have previously encountered.

When I first truly analysed Icke's work, I knew there was something wrong with it but couldnt put my finger on it. But I suppose any man who tells you EVERYONE ELSE is wrong and he is right is obviously a charlatan, cynical? he provides no evidence but asks for your money, philosophically I am being very very cynical. But we can only work from our own experience, and these "sheeple" I'm surrounded by are more right than they are given credit for.

Im not saying dont read his books, or listen to his interviews, In fact you should, view it with a rational mind (rational = inquisitve but not overly emotional, not going to jump to conclusions). Then ask yourself if this man is truly making sense.

In one interview I remember that he said that before "the fall", when reptilians hacked into the matrix (yes the film is real and not gay propaganda)all animals were fed by sunlight, lions never ate gazelles, they were all friends (why those big teeth lion? why those horns gazelle?) and humans could communicate telepathically with animals.



I stopped here, the moon matrix was too much. If he said that abductees had visited a moonbase that was built by aliens I could accept it whilst cringing. But the moon being the moonbase?? Yes I could probably given other research be quite happy to believe the moon was hollow, But he expects you to believe that the moon is an interdimensional base manned by aliens who control our thoughts and maintain the artificial reality created for us by the reptilians...No, sorry...if anything this information is irrelevant, believe it or not the distance from the earth to the moon is enough that i feel safe, and seeing as i have absolutely NO BELIEF IN REPTILIANS, Its just more nonsense from a corrupt and exploitative man.

Where is your evidence David? who told you about the moon? Your spirit guides?

Go fuck yourself Icke, and while your at it fuck Alex Jones too. your both punchbowl turds.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hamster on a Leash - WTF?

This is more of a rant than anything else. You see, part of the agenda is to break up the family, and what better way to do that than stifle the maturity of parents. Mind Kontrol (as in MK Ultra) bombardment from shows such as The simpsons, family guy, modern family all tell men how to behave. Be your childs best friend, try to get down with the kids braw. Now I know that its a bit silly when theirs genocide, and child sex slavery and all sorts of shit hidden from public view that I could work on. But seeing this (I am going to buy a hamster soon) on youtube just utterly disgusted me. Theres something of a legend on 4chan about a cat beaten by some kid - and he ended up in prison after the 4channers reported him. This is the kind of rage that i felt. Especially when moral guardians are sitting in the car with the kid and actually set it all up. Then filmed while a 5 inch rodent is being dragged around by some obese fucker. This is the culture the media is creating. Mindlessness, zombification. Idiocy and effeminacy (just listen to the dad's voice).

This is from the tagline;

"Spencer buys a hamster and takes him on a walk. To see 5 minutes of unedited footage, click here:

I disabled the ratings and comments because there is a small but vocal group that gets touchy when I put a hamster in a blender with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Actually the thing people should be getting upset about is the children without seat belts. The hamster is a rodent who spent his days in a 1 foot smelly petstore cage, and wasn't hurt (harness around chest not neck). He's since forgotten his 5-minute walk in the fresh air. But that's mostly because we strapped his leash to the back bumper and kinda forgot about that until we got home. Poor little guy probably kept up with us for the first mile or so from Target.

There can be no satire without ire. Sorry to those of you that unsubscribed over this like TheMeltingSnowman. You'll miss our celebrated "Midgets Tossing Kittens" video next week.

Thanks to Jonathon Roberts for the most excellent music"

This is what is classed as satire? Unabated cruelty. Dragging a Hamster around on a leash? having baying crowds of kids picking it up and squeezing it and treating it like a commodity? and a man obviously in his late 30s sitting there giggling? Then joking about tying it to the bumper? I hope someone beats the fuck out of this guy, seriously..he has no sense of decency. I hope that someone high up likes hamsters, and sends in the CIA to off this fucker. I do realise this video is 2 years old. It does not make less the utter cunt that he is. He should know better than to instill values like this into his kids. If hes an utter retard, just imagine what his kids will be like when they grow up "Lets go rape a dog kids, post it on youtube 2.0!", after we can can go MacDonalds!

What shocks me even more - or that I know people thought it hilarious, and that other people on youtube have done far worse. Exterminate us now please, for as we are right now, we don't deserve to live. You have won, you superintelligent, super-rich, super-powerful Gods among men.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

From Virgin to Whore


I've been perusing Celtic Rebel's blog non stop for around 3 weeks now. Having previously considered myself "awake" thanks to Alex-Jones syndrome, I was massively shocked.
If you were to ask who the greatest human being who ever lived was, you would probably quote some famous figures, Einstein, Darwin, Beckham. I would say Celtic Rebel was one of the greatest people who ever lived. Why? Because he isnt constrained by the media, he looks at the media and sees beneath the surface, and he helps others to do the same. Something Alex Jones has never done - nor David Icke. This is why CR is a great human being. He doesnt save us, he helps us to save ourselves.

I had my first original thought a couple of days ago. I consider it original because noone told me to think it. In fact, I was told not to think it, at least not on the surface. I will spread my thought among you, and I may show you how obvious it is that we are assuaged by forces of which we have been previously unaware.

Its a British TV commercial for Virgin Trains.

Watch the video, please! (video removed due to copyright claim)

Celtic Rebel will start the proceedings, Love Heart = Vagina Its as simple as that. read that and you shall see.

Keep this in mind as you watch it.

First and foremost this is not about trains, this is purely about "Marry and Reproduce" as per They Live!
It is a superliminal message, telling us to have sex, however far it takes you. Find someone and screw them. The Train is simply a convenient phallic object that they can put into the mountainous vagina.

Firstly the Commercial starts with "Our Virgin", naive and desperate for a prince to save her. She has travelled the land far and wide and is now FINALLY going to get laid. Looking around the train station we would be forgiven for thinking that she is travelling TO find her MAN. but I am considering the possibility she has already found her man, and is in fact about to screw him. I will explain this further in a moment.

I'm not as certain about this as I am about other aspects of this Ad. "19:20 My Man!" It could be an aspect of her diary, fitting her man in! Or a reference to his age and her being pleased about her getting a man of this age, or it could have esoteric significance. If anyone aware of numerology could decipher it, please comment and I will gladly add it to this deposition. I have since found out that 19:20 is a bar in London, RENOWNED FOR SERVING THE BEST BURGERS IN TOWN. You can not make this up! Fluid Style Website

So In a strange turn of events, Becky has entered the phallic object (which has in turn entered her - already found her man see), and is off on her jollys. She seems extremely pleased, and as this image shows (Heart = Vagina) She has now become sexually aware, and aware of her own sexuality. This is not just a spell, this is social engineering. How many young girls will see this advert and copy this scene. It looks so "girly", that many an insecure girl will emulate it in hopes of finding her man. Yes, young minds are so pliable.

The next scene is VERY disturbing. and leads me to think more is at hand than simply "sex" quite possibly this is about lesbianism? or at least bisexuality.

Becky is now exploring her sexuality, and finds (what i believe are meant to be 'masculine' men), Notice the big phallic log, erect behind the men. Could this imply these men are in fact gay? or could it mean that theyre sexually aroused by Becky? anyway.. it is implied then in this scene that she likes women as well, as the person holding the only visible phallic object (the log is gone, as are the men) IS A WOMAN. She may represent Tempation, or Becky's female side. This scene is most telling.

Now what I would expect is for the train to be "Going West" however its heading East. Perhaps this is because its a woman and not a man?. I suppose the fact that the train is in the "West" Midlands negates any need for it to be travelling West.

The next sequence, shows her travelling into the GREATEST CITY IN BRITAIN! Stoke on Trent! Also known as the Potteries. With a middling gay scene. Yet every person standing on the Platform on its way to "My Man" Is female. Now I know the intention of this Video, and its implication that she had her first guy, hated it and became Lesbian (or Bi) and had partner after partner who is female, and then finally let the phallus enter her and that man became her man! But if you dismiss that. Watch the video, research..and the answers are obvious, this is a superliminal message to your subconcious, and everyone elses..that lesbianism will get you a man, or is at least a good alternative to a heterosexual relationship while you wait for your man.

Notice them all singing "The Look of Love" Thats what they want, Love..and the impression is they can only get it with another woman, think of the Sirens of Greece singing to weary travellers, and that is what your getting here, theyre beckoning to her to join them...shes been there, done that..and is now about to pass to the next stage of her journey through her man, and how will their relationship become certain? By travelling to shagborough.

Yes, that does say "shagborough 777 yds". More numerology I'm sure. But its also a laugh in our face. Essentially she has lost her Virginity. Gone from the naive young woman at the beginning of the commercial to a woman. You will notice the flashing lights as she has sex, its only a short piece of film, maybe 2 or 3 seconds at most. But this is significant. ITS THE ORGASM. and this is the moment of change. She is now initiated, and her persona will change immediately after this.

It has come to my attention (thanks echoes_of_a_dream) that 777 is a casino company, so possibly "get lucky" or try your "luck" or even "poker" (POKE-HER).
777 is also the biggest twin engined phallic object in the world, made by boeing.

See! You could call this an Alter, and If you're a believer of Monarch mind control, or MK-Ultra, I'm certain you could find evidence of this. The reflection in the mirror (In my own honest opinion) symbolizes a change in perception of self, due to her experience in the journey. Its a purely sexual journey. every person you have seen in this commerical is someone she has slept with.

Now is the final leg in the journey, to true sexual awakening.

Notice the position of her hands, and look around..see if you can see anymore differences...
You may have to look back at other photos, its a subtle difference..probably explained by the last photo. Yes the Hair. Simple reason for this is to explain to us this isnt the same person who got on the train. This person is older, wearing makeup, an adult.
Now the position of the hands. Well its intention is to denote nervousness. In the allegory they have never met. Remember the distance. She has to travel to see him. In other words, from the point she enters the train to the point where she finds him, is years. from child to adult.

So this will be another sexual encounter, not a love story, but a sex story.

So she steps off the poo-choo train (i.e. is no longer a virgin)and is looking for a man (her man, disney princess syndrome)and here he is, looking to be about 19,20 (the time earlier). Notice how all the girls are avoiding him, and there is a massive gulf in between him and anyone else. There is a reason for this, its a simple one..hes effeminate and they all think hes gay! (notice big brother 11 and that everyone thought Ben was gay).

Now Becky has grown up, and is looking at her Manboy and is very pleased with him. She's all dolled up..

So what happens, shes waited all this time, gone through hoardes of women, even travelled through shagborough to get to him. Does she declare her love for him? Does he? Do they kiss? (well we never see that, it seems implied that they do, but i doubt it! No she whispers something in his ear, and by his reaction I can only imply that its sexual. Yes, her life experience has turned her into a whore, who feels that Sex = Love. Indeed readers, she is a product of her time, and her experience.

So they (seem to) kiss again. and then we see the logo
But look whos in charge. The girl has spent so much time shafting guys in favour of women. That the men are weak and supplicated and thus what would once have been the guy getting the girl. The girl has got HER MAN.

Notice the rainbow (mind control, it implies that this has superliminal, subliminal messages within it).

Where do you want to be? Well according to this you want to be on your back being screwed by as many people as possible.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Celtic Rebel "Dont go West"

I for one see a conspiracy to enslave humanity. Celtic Rebel sees one of those arms as through the spread of homosexuality.

Here is a link to his video "Don't Go West" this is part one, part two will be released soon, according to his latest post.

Don't Go West [V2.0/HR] Part 1 from Insync on Vimeo.

Part One of Version Two. The second release of the Celtic Rebel's Don't Go West documentary. Fleshing out the skeleton, the version paints a fairly grim picture of what the Priests of Holy Wood are up to. If you want "proof' that mankind's degeneration is beyond happenstance, this video presents a damning and incontrovertible case.

Don't Go West [V2.0/HR] Part 2 from Insync on Vimeo.


It's the End of the World as we know it!

I'm a big fan of Henry Makow, his posts on feminism and zionism are second to none. I've been visiting his site for about 3 or 4 weeks, and I can only recommend them!
Anyway, one of his writers has decided to do a post on Maitreya as the Antichrist. So I've decided to write on the Antichrist myself. This is not going to be long, as I have a post on homosexuality I'm working on.

This is ALL my opinion, and whatever info is taken from somewhere else I will try to cite.

The current christian church - all denominations (bar the unitarian) is the antichrist.

end of.

Yesterday (10/06/10) I decided to watch a documentary on Revelation,
As I watched, I noticed that the only people causing the prophecies to come into being, is The US and UK governments, AND the church. and it is said that the antichrist will speak to all nations and in all tongues, what organization is capable of that other than the church? We all know that it was the original catholic church that chose what went into the bible, labelled Judas a traitor to God, and we all know the church is bastardized and does things that god forbid, such as graven images, worship of gods other than the big man (for example the catholic church has the power to make new laws of God, and the pope is considered God's voice i.e. Christ) and the bishops who wear fish head hats in worship of Dagon. The church is at the head of Mystery Babylon, and it seems Evangelicals are too. I apologise if I have missed any criticism of the catholics out, please add more in comments.
Anyway, The Evangelicals are spread out worldwide and are the fastest growing church these days. They think that they are doing a good thing by assisting the prophecies of revelation and the apocalypse into being. But the only way this can happen is if the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt (which if it ever happens they will be there, and probably instrumental in its reconstruction) I am sure that if its ever done, they will proclaim that God is returned and I'm sure they would fulfil the prophecy of declaring they are the messiah (which only means 'anointed') is it too far of a stretch to believe that THEY who are carrying out the prophecied actions of the antichrist (spreading worldwide, all tongues, claiming to be christ[pope]) may actually be the antichrist? They are even helping to cause genocide by banning contraception and helping to spread AIDS across Africa, and influencing the beginning of a war on Islam.

As I say this is just my opinion, and I would not be surprised if Revelation is nothing more of a fairy story. But for all churches to be against the Antichrist, they seem like hypocrites to me.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Well my post about David Cameron, that he was the continuance of our enslavement, has come to pass. I was never sure if we would have a hung parliament or not - I'll admit that without shame - but as the election came to its end, I remembered how much a hung parliament was mentioned, and wondered if we were told that the conservatives would win a landslide victory, would they?

Anyway, about two hours ago it was announced that Cameron is now our PM. So much has always been obvious, If Labour had continued there would be no mandate. My only relief is that the Milibands are not in government. They are the most vile and dangerous creatures ever to enter British Parliament. They are our next threat.

I am laying it straight, three things will happen in the next four years, another financial disaster, "unforseen", and another war, possibly in the Falklands, or yet to be alluded to somewhere else.
I mention the falklands because there has been posturing between us and Argentina, and because we recently found oil, something which has not been publicised. I am almost certain there will be another terrorist attack, on a scale unforseen..possibly to coincide with the 2012 mindset, im not saying it will happen due to 2012, but as it gets ever closer, i have a feeling it will be used to scare people.

I have the feeling Cameron will be a war primeminister, and may in time become epic, like Churchill and Thatcher - notice how conservative primeministers are in the extreme, either Brilliant or despised by the working classes - when u want something done..use the tories.

Also dont fall for the Electoral reform nonsense, if its being mentioned by those in the political elites, its usually going to result in negatives for the profane (us).

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The 21st Century child Death cults

"I love Robert Pattinson", you hear it everywhere, from the bleating hearts of girls ranging from 5 to 25. "Its just a harmless fad" cry mothers and fathers everywhere. But what are they worshipping? Who is it they love? A corpse.

They saw him as a wizard in Harry Potter, killed by Voldemort, then in 2008 he pops up as a vampire in Twilight. Now of course im not bringing a connection between the two into light. What I am saying, is wherever he is - hes dead.

Kids love it. Vampirism is being rewritten in the mainstream media. No longer are vampires hideous souless beasts that rape and devour women in the night. Or the puffed up beasts of romania, who were dug up and staked after noises were heard coming from their graves. No they're hip dudes who only choose to avoid sunlight should it make their skin glow all glittery :D wooing angsty teenage girls and showing how being dead means you never have to sleep, and can run REALLY FAST.

If it were a jolly romp it would be ok. But these films and books appeal to children to such a degree that its dangerous. Since Buffy, angsty brooding vampires who seduce (at least in America) underage girls and sleep with them has become a norm. Cults have evolved, contests begun - who can be the best vampire. Some people actually do drink blood, use razor blades to cut themselves. This is the real impact of mainstream media exposure to this perverse view of reality. Vampirism has become a sexualized grope into darkness, and films like Twilight are used to program children into believing some kind of satanistic kabbalistic cannibalism is normal and even something to strive for.

There is a real message to gain from this obsession with Twilight. Our society is broken. Not by accident but by a shadow government that wants our planet to become one under a totalitarian dictatorship - a New World Order. In this society all human perversions will be exploited, cannibalism, paedophilia, rape, and of course vampirism is a perversion. At least religiously it is demonic. And of course our shadow government complex could be considered satanic.

We do need to protect children - and we need to protect ourselves. Television and the media are forms of programming. Dont let the new world order take your child.

Lets just remember what Vampires looked like 30 years ago

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Continuance of Slavery

Its so obvious when you think about it; How much coverage has the Tory posterchild recieved? then compare it to the negative coverage of Gordon Brown.
There is supremo push to get Cameron elected, This has been the case for years, ever since Michael Howard resigned from the leadership.

It follows Icke-ian Problem Reaction Solution : get people so pissed off, dont focus it on anything, then in order to get your change - whatever it is you want - point it towards the reverse.

We're in a recession - handled badly by Brown. Crime is escalating - handled badly by Brown. Tony Blair has left power - everyone liked him, despite Iraq, if scientists said we all needed to eat our own faeces in order to fight climate change, Blair could convince people to do it. Brown couldnt - and this is the problem, the NWO is aware that Brown is a very bad puppet leader, noone likes him, noone believes him - and he has his own mind - if he doesnt wanna do something - how wont, and this is causing the NWO a problem. So its time to bring in change, all across the media Cameron is the poster boy, Change, Change, Change. Obamas mantra, the conservatives are bandying it about like sweets. Amazingly, despite the anti- thatcherism that runs through the Working Class, but is ignored in the bourgeoisie news media - its working. There is a sense of optimism among the sheeple - I know Cameron will win, I know Bilderberg has already arranged it, but I feel it as well. When Cameron is actually being acknowleged as opposition on ITV news, given more coverage in a positive light as the negative of the current government, you know all the telly heads have had "that" briefing.

There is no support for Labour here, but there has to be an understanding, A government doesnt "run its course" as is being laid out on TV. The news is giving you an order - vote in the opposition. You have a choice, vote in a party, you know the lib dems wont win, you know every party standing wont win except two, Labour and Tory, so you are being told to vote for the other one. Either way you lose...things will get worse whoever comes in, freedoms will be stripped, taxes will increase, corruption will be rife, lies will be told. Eventually we will get world government, and it will follow the feudal model, we will be - and already are -Slaves.

You have a choice, vote UKIP, BNP, or independent, your best bet is independent as they tend to be normal people with a single issue, keep bothering them, educate them, show them the truth, its all over the internet. Keep researching, protest - do whatever you can, but make a noise, make it loud and make it clear - freedom lives.
This is a short post, simply to say its now time to change, to grow up, to evolve. This blog, has had no focus, but now...Its another arm, another voice in the war against the New World Order.

I will do my best to expose the filth and corruption in the world, the beasts that howl in the night, killing, raping, maiming; all in order to increase their wealth and power, and harm and kill and rape even more.

Death to the New World Order