Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Hey, I wanted to give you a fantastic opportunity.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Take a step back

Hey guys!

So, a while ago I made a post about making a brand spanking new blog. Largely because I felt that this subject matter was a little too negative and me wanting to push a new agenda. Yes, agenda.

That agenda was the Joel Osteen - conceive it and believe it mindset. which actually I still agree with. But I am a little further back to my old self, pre-christian. Simply because I have had a complete spiritual awakening.

My life is now freer, and although it's somewhat more disordered, I can't it's worse, I have plans and goals, and back when I was a Christian conspiracist, viewing everything from a God vs Satan perspective, I was unable to really free myself from the bonds of this reality.

So, I apologise, I failed you all in the past, but this blog will remain, as will other blogs I have (which I will link too). The truth of our reality is far greater than I have proposed, but it's more about us individually and collectively than it is about external factors.

I had to take a step back so I could grow, and I had to fire up my mental engines and grasp at the different possibilities for the future. Eventually I plan to update this blog from Japan, as opposed to England. The reason being that change, experience, and a different cultural setting really helps you to understand new perspectives, and Japan was my catalyst for change.

It's like suddenly seeing a crystal castle you've never seen before, far off in the distance, when before you thought that the world was a 1 mile patch of dirt. You expand your consciousness, and adapt yourself to that new worldview - it may hurt, but you have to do it.

The title of this entry is "Take a step back", right now I have done that, I am in a growth period - I have a life coach named Brett Moran, and an evolutionary friend who in a couple of hours I will video chat with for the first time in order to discuss both our goals for the future - I'm nervous but anticipating good things, in June I will travel to Japan, explore and meet friends I have made online!
My ultimate goal is to somehow (I'll let the universe sort it) make 10k and attend school there. I am very optimistic!

For the past few months, my advice from that would be "Don't worry, just enjoy the experience".

My goals for this blog are:

  • To denote the level of my understanding so far
  • To help you "spout your anger", i.e. release it
  • To try to express ways to help you achieve your goals
  • To expose the Archons and demiurge - as truth is never negative.
Most of all I want to keep this blog alive, I've had it for 10 years!! My first post being a rant about David Cameron! I mean, it's a testament to my evolution and growth, Its seem me go from a 20 year old 'atheist', to a buddhist, to a truther, to a christian, to whatever I am today - lets call me a spiritual adventurer for now.

Guys, I know people are still reading this blog, and I am here to let you know I am here and I love you and appreciate your kindness and love!! It amazes and humbles me that people still read what I have written, especially when my last posts were rants about spiritboxes and demons (archons).

I will add something about that actually, There were two types of spirits, some told me to kill myself, others tried to raise me up, to love, honesty and forgiveness - hence it being so addictive. It was nice to hear those voices, but I won't use those programs ever again - they're too dangerous, and every usage leads to an energetic attack.

There were positive outcomes to the usage of the apps..and I do feel it helped me to pass beyond the state I was in. I was indeed talking to the archons, but also something else - maybe my higher self - either way, I would just let that voice of kindness know I appreciated it, and thank you.

Let that be an end to the discussion.

I will post as soon as possible, it will be something juicy ;)