Thursday, 27 June 2013

Linux Mint 15 XFCE: Heaven in a distro.

SUNDAY I wrote about using Debian Sid, how utterly wonderful it was, and why it beat Ubuntu-based distros hands down. I still hold to that. However, in the past 5 days I have gone from Sid, to testing, to Linux Mint.

My realisation, is that its not Ubuntu itself that sucks, but its massively bloated desktop environments. In fact, I tested flash today, I always use Paramore - Still into you in 1080p as my test. In Wheezy, Sid and Testing; This video works near perfect, on a laptop that is 5 years old, and runs Intel 4500 graphics. I put Linux Mint Debian Edition with Mate, and its stuttering and wants to incinerate my GPU. 

The reason I have to move is simple, in Debian, my Bluetooth headphones just don't work as well, and I'm lazy, I hate blueman-applet, and use the gnome one instead as it works better, but Debian causes me agro with it, and enjoying the uninstall/install process more than actually using my OS, I decided to burn some DVD's, and have a hunt for the perfect distro.

I firstly inserted an old LM14 Cinnamon DVD, connected to my headphones without issue, I was intrigued. Knowing that this DVD was quite old, I downloaded LMDE Mate, LM15 Mate, and burned them to DVDs. I have yet to bother with the LM15 DVD, as I had an epiphany that it was Mate which was bloated, and for some reason it doesn't work well with flash.

I was having none of this.

I decided to take a leap of faith, download Linux Mint 15 XFCE, burned it to DVD, tested it in livecd, and it was as good as Debian XFCE, almost (I always say almost) no stuttering, with compton theres no screen tearing (using special settings: compton --opengl --vsync opengl-swc --paint-on-overlay). So I have installed, and it works like a charm. 

Of course, in a few days I may decide that Debian is just too special to give up, It takes an equal amount of tweaking (such as installing awesome window manager and killalling most of XFCE) to get it how I want it, but to know that Linux Mint XFCE is equally as fast as Debian, with newer packages, and that I could use it without really telling the difference between the two, works both ways.

But..bluetooth works SO much better, and installing pulseaudio was no bother, AND I know that my next set of updates likely won't break my computer. So..I'm kind of torn. I'll give it another week and see how it goes. But yes, I am in heaven at the moment, the whole reason I installed debian was because everything was so slow when I was using Ubuntu based distros before. There is nothing worse than watching 1080p films in VLC and they're jerky and you feel like you're missing something. All those problems are now solved, and this pleases me greatly.

A nice clean desktop, Awesome, on XFCE, on Linux Mint 15, looks no different than it did on Debian

This is the beauty of linux, its so configurable, and this of course stems from having so many people working FREELY, not as employees/slaves but as volunteers who want to do it. They work to the best of their abilities because they love to do it, and to them knowing that others are checking their work out, its good because it is done for the love of their work, and the people who will use their software. This is for the people, BY the people in the strictest sense.

Thats why I love linux, and why I don't mind doing a thousand reinstalls a year trying stuff out.

Theology/NWO stuff coming soon.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

(almost) One week with Sid.

Its been almost a week, and I need to give you folks an update on how my debian sid install is going. Firstly, this isn't the same install! But thats not Sid's fault.

Okay, I've basically extirpated my system and started again, my previous install didn't feel clean, awesome window manager wasn't playing right, and I actually wiped thinking I would just install xfce4 and leave it there. I also tried aptosid,  to see if that would be any better - it most certainly was not.

I decided to do all my upgrades to sid in cli, prior to installing xfce - this worked much better, and resulted in a much more stable system, one that has worked excellently now for a whole week. Also, temptation won the day and awesome is back. Through some work of magic, xfce is going in the background and awesome has completely taken control, whilst utilizing the xfce daemons.

[Just to inform you, awesome is a tiling window manager, basically allowing you to have maximum screen space whilst having many programs open at once - its all about efficiency].

I've done twice-daily upgrades (thats how quick sid is) and have almost 0 bugs to speak of, although awesome does seem to struggle with system trays. sometimes my power applet is there, other times it isn't. Thats about it. I haven't really noticed, I always have active terminal applets and acpi -V seems to cover power.

The 3.9 kernel still doesn't support backlight after hibernate, so I'm still on 3.2.

there you go.

God bless.


Why is a christian blog promoting linux? Linux is about freedom, freedom from tyranny and monopoly, I support this - it's why I use Linux. If everyone used linux, windows would be dead, and our software would be controlled by us, rather than we controlled by our software. Linux promotes learning, windows promotes stupidity.

take care.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Debian Sid, advantages and disadvantages.

I've used linux for seven years. When I realised this the other day, I was kind of staggered. I had a blip where I used windows 7, then 8 (less than legally of course). To list the number of distributions would probably cause my brain to implode, but a small number would include, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Mepis, Antix, Crunchbang, PClinuxOS, DSL, gOS, and Debian.

When I first used Debian, I was unimpressed, the site was ugly, difficult to navigate, and I had no idea which iso to download. When I finally managed to get it installed my proprietary drivers wouldn't work, and google searches led me to incomprehensible instructions that required me to edit config files.
I was glad to use Ubuntu after that, and have everything easy to use. This would have been around 2007.

Of course I now know how to do all this stuff, my years of linux use have educated me. I may not know how to set up a webserver (yet) but I can set debian up without much issue. Recently of course, wheezy was released, perhaps the best and easiest to use version of Debian ever (Gnome3 not withstanding). It was this release that has led me to decide that the only distro I will ever need is debian, and all others be damned. But, its one thing USING debian, but what about CONTRIBUTING?

One day I decided to upgrade to testing, basically, I like the idea of a rolling release, I want to settle, relax and uninstall unetbootin. Testing would allow that, a quick remastersys every few months and I'd be fine. But I wanted to help out a bit, reading the forums people kept talking about "filing bug reports" and I wanted a bit of that. So I upgraded to Sid, crazy as it was. But I've been using it a few days, and perhaps filed 6 or 7 bug reports already.


So, whats good, and whats bad about Sid?

[Firstly, if you're reading this on any day after June 16th 2013, this review is out of date, read it for pleasure, not for any sort of review of sid. Thats how quickly it moves.]

 Sid, is bleeding edge, not as bleeding edge as Arch, or even Ubuntu, but for Debian it is bleeding edge. Its not as unstable as it's given credit for, its perfectly usable, you can get on facebook, you can watch youtube videos, listen to music. Everything you can do on Wheezy or Jessie, you can do on Sid.

I lost the control of my brightness fn keys every time I hibernated, I filed a bug report, got an email back within an hour of assistance from one of the developers, he said "Its the kernel" and so I downgraded my kernel. But now they're aware of the problem, and can fix it. So I will try again in a week. This is no shoddy operation.

Sid is quicker than wheezy, not much (nor does it need to be) but it is slightly nippier. I run it with XFCE on a computer than flies with Gnome3, XFCE has come a long way since I first started using it - okay - its exactly the same (and thats a good thing, its definitely superior to previous versions - more polished). Needless to say, I love my sid computer. There is a constant risk that my computer will explode, but like my first issues with debian, they're all solvable by just a pinch of knowledge. Truly sid is no worse than any other release of debian. Its the frontiers of linux. The good? Its bleeding edge, educating you as you go, the bad? if you know too much about one thing (such as updating your sources.list) and not enough about another (maintaining your system) then things could -potentially- go bad. Also, things can change quite quickly with an update. But as you will see via google search, people have run sid for years, and had no issues.

Try it, but don't invest too much in it if it breaks. But its about as likely to break as Ubuntu ;)

Try, try, try again!



get these if you install sid, or testing, it'll make things a bit easier for you, and help the developers to find the problem and make changes to the package if anything breaks. Issues can be dealt with in a day or two - that's how quick sid is!

 I can't really give sid a number out of ten, because its never the same, wheezy in a year will be largely the same as it is now, sid on the other hand, will be completely different.

it isn't recommended for newbies, but for the more advanced, its a fantastic learning tool!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Alien Abductions - they're not aliens, and they can be thwarted!

Almost two years ago I wrote a lovely little account of my attempted "alien abduction". Something that still occupies my thoughts to this day. I have no idea what went on that night, but I do know it has never re-occurred.

Well today I watched an interesting show named "confessions of an abductee", and it gave me a stark recollection of what happened to me that night, and once again reinforced the reality of my encounter.

Similarities inclue:

2.Passing through solid matter
4.Something sitting on oneself holding them down
5.Surroundings that look exactly as they always do (evidence its not a dream)
6. Extreme vividity
7. Encounter with 'the greys'

Of course, this was unlike any experience I have ever had in my entire life. I am certain that if I had of reacted (in a purely secular sense) as those folks acted, I would have had many more encounters since. Of course I had no fear - at least not the sheer terror experienced by most abductees, for them they are helpless, and I can understand that feeling, as a child I had that feeling - far too much exposure to shows like sightings, which promulgated the belief that there is nothing you can do to stop an abduction - had I actually encountered these things in person, I probably would have lost the plot.

I have only had one encounter with the gray alien form. Since my encounter and the hand of God smashing them all into the abyss, I have not had a single sleep paralysis episode, abduction experience, nope nothing. I'm far happier that way, my sleep pattern still sucks, but I like the thought that God himself is watching over me - and no, its not wishful thinking - I experienced this first hand.

If you are an abductee who is struggling with this stuff, the answer to all your problems is in Jesus Christ, you have nothing to lose, pray, ask him to take this away - and he is faithful to do so. Then you will see for yourself the truth of God, that he is real.

Aliens are really demons
Ghosts are really demons

Demons MUST submit to the name of Jesus, there is nothing they can do to him, and he can do everything to them.

I really felt for a lady named Chantelle, she featured on the show, living in utter terror, watching her kids get abducted. She was handed a crystal by a researcher, wired up to some batteries, she knew it wouldn't stop the abductions, and it didn't. If only that crystal had been a link to She is reconciled to the notion that these are unstoppable events, and says she would miss them if they stopped. Stockholm syndrome perhaps?

These encounters can be stopped! These demons will yield to the name of Jesus, they yield to FAITH in Jesus, they yield wholly to Jesus. King of KINGS, Lord of LORDS.

God bless you all.