Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sky+ the spenglers and weeners

This is perhaps the oddest post I will ever make. Giant blue monsters resembling the creature from monsters inc are shopping around asda. theyre all "camp/effeminate" creatures, complaining about narrow aisles and then then at the end the dad talks about mega weeners, and the little boy hops in excitement and says "weeners!". Misdirection towards the car boot, and the dad says "it wants to stay up"

I just wanted to point this out, as most people won't even notice, and will laugh in derision when i say this points to pederasty and homosexuality in both disney (evil child molestation/sexualization organization) and the elites (well we all know how many penii your bottoms need to have recieved to join them. Why do they bother showing this on TV? well a. to laugh in our face and b. because the elites don't hate us, they kinda pity us, they want us to figure it out, because im guessing that thats how they recruit their members. c. its also how they communicate! the most innocuous thing that looks a little odd to viewers could be like a 2000 word essay to those in the know (a picture is worth a thousand words).

why are they blue? that i don't know..it could mean that this innocuous, innocent advert is a revelation truth to the masses, and those that can see it, maybe are rewarded somehow. its a guess, if anyone knows why for a fact..please post.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Big Brother, the last day

Sometimes, I forget myself. But I just had to continue my Big brother analysis. I just realized that when talking about mundus patet: Roman feast of the dead, that now Big Brother is having a funeral, constant mention of R-Eye-P (RIP) and everyone wearing black.

Well today, September 10th is the feast of St Nicholas of Tolentino! who..wait for it is..the Saint of; in Philippines; dying people, and souls in purgatory! now I'm guessing he is venerated in the phillipines, but is saint of death everywhere. Now he does have other attributes but they would only work in esoteric terms, such as he is patron saint of mariners (mundus patet associated with water).

Isnt it interesting, the association between water and death.

i may as well show you all his patronages:

animals; babies; boatmen; diocese of Cabanatuan, Philippines; dying people; Lambunao, Philippines; Guimbal, Iloilo, mariners; diocese of Mati, Philippines; sailors; sick animals; souls in purgatory; diocese of Tandag, Philippines; watermen; St. Nicolas de Tolentino Parish, Naujan Or., Mindoro Philippines

So, lets see the weird associations between this frankly disturbed big brother series, its coming demise, and its connection to Mundus Patet of Ancient Rome, and St Nicholas of Tolentino, and lets ask WHY it has any relevance at all.

Okay, This is the same Big Brother house that was used in BB11, where we had our little flood towards the end, in celebration of Mundus Patet, Nicholas Tolentino is of course patron saint of watermen. Davina Mcaw, the plastic parrot in the house, hardly ever used might I add - "Nicholas, a vegetarian, was served a roasted fowl over which he made the sign of the cross, and it flew out a window". Big Brother house(in)mates have spent alot of time recently talking about how much Big Brother has changed their lives, made them successful and - this is just from wikipedia may I add "He ministered to his flock, helped the poor and visited prisoners" well the housemates could be classed as poor prisoners.

Okay maybe this is a stretch, but there is no reason for Big Brother to finish now, its ratings are up. and there is the roman connection here, remember/realise that the roman PAGAN empire still exists, its gods are now saints, its pope is god on earth, it has been said many times. the church is the whore of babylon, never forget that. So these rituals do occur, and with millions of viewers big brother is the place for it - at least in britain.

Another interesting point is Dave from BB11, the guy who was continually possessed and called it "the glory", he was certainly an effeminate character, not really befitting the stereotype of a straight-laced christian character who was morally straight.

I have to leave it here, because as it is, I'm unable to ascertain what is going on here. Maybe once I've seen the final, which will of course be the Mundus Patet/veneration ceremony. expect to see some priests..even if theyre just actors!

And finally let us never forget the Ol' Nick is saint of souls in purgatory, Big Brother itself is a kind of purgatory, as these poor people have their lives strewn around the media, they await there fate whilst in the BB house, to face judgement on their eviction..question is..do they go to heaven or hell?

well for poor Nadia, it looks like Hell Daily Mail: Suicide Attempt

Also, crucifixion symbology with Dermot's Last Supper.

Why am I constantly disturbed by this show?! Theres something just so degenerate about it. :/

9/11 its getting close

This is just a quick entry in case anyone doesnt know of Lenon Honor. Well he's been tracking the news in the run up to September 11 2010. Very subtly the media begins to change as 9/11 gets closer, and more and more stories become violent, feature aeroplanes, just as subconcious reminder, in the same way that trauma based mind control is used in Monarch programming, well guys, im sorry to scare you, but its used on the general public as well. Perhaps not as effectively (don't expect to have full blown alters) as you don't get ass raped and beaten by handlers. But you will have a form of emotional dysfunction, We all do these days. It may be interesting to point out how immature this current generation is, the generation of 18 to 25 year olds. It may just be my own opinion and not a scientific fact, but it seems to me that since 9/11 we are all stuck there. it was massively traumatic, imprinted on our minds, constant repeats of the collapsing towers, plane crashes again and again, is there a day that goes by that we dont for just a second think of 9/11? every time the news is on, expecting another attack..one that never comes. Moving from disaster to disaster BP oil spill, political scandals. Since that day in 2001, the world has just gone weird. To a point now that even the "non-awake" notices it, perhaps doesnt put two and two together that its all fake. but then again most of our so called "truth" movement (i.e. alex jones - the fucking arsehole)pushes mainstream news as well.

We all have to find our own truth and not be led, but i do have to disagree with celtic rebel, who said in his latest show that we shouldnt follow anyone. Whilst I understand his point and agree there - i would say that we shouldnt have to follow anyone, but we are all so weakened and degraded by the constant bombardment, that naturally leaders will develop. Its our job to support them, let them do their work, and then read/listen and then research. Never take anything as THE truth. Sadly it is true that leadership tends to lead to violence (religion, world wars etc) but a healthy respect for each others religions would be helpful, in essence it isnt the religion that causes the wars, but the exploitation of that religion, and its followers..usually by the religious leaders and the "secret" societies.

If American christians and the worlds muslims could actually communicate without media interference, or by forced false perceptions given by national leaders, there would of course be disagreement. But I ask you..

Where are the terrorists?

Monday, 6 September 2010

As Mentioned by Celtic Rebel

Today is a great day, today the GREAT Celtic Rebel mentioned me in his blog, I'm at the point now where I am tempted to put a "As Mentioned by Celtic Rebel" on my blog, but I will restrain myself.

My ego has been fed, and that is a good thing, its a push to continue my work, to continue to use my brain to answer questions instead of allowing the all powerful TV to do it for me.

Thank you Celtic Rebel, may we one day collaborate!