Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bible translation and the KJV bias.

Unconciously, we as humans love association. That scent that reminds you of that long lost love, the sight of a sunrise reminding you of childhood spent abroad, that faithful translation that reminds you of how wonderful the KJV is.

Regardless of what translation we read, we see the KJV as the pinnacle, and all translations are trying to be as majestic as that ONE translation that wows us. I am a bible collector, and despite my disdain for that "liturgical" bible, I have more KJVs than any other translation (seconded by the ESV). I have masonic editions, family bibles, Collin's reference bibles etc.

Yet I hardly read them, My family bible is a fancy display piece. But how could I seriously read it, it isnt written to me, its written to 17th century folk. I'm someone who struggles to understand "contumely" in my NEB yet alone some of the nonsense of the KJV. It is nonsense by the way, if you dont understand it; its nonsense.

This is what brings me to my point of this afternoon's rant.

Today arrived my REB (Revised English Bible), this is a revision of the NEB, published in 1989, it was meant to keep the elegance of the NEB but update "theological bias" basically in line with the KJV crowd - granted they wouldnt admit that but its basically the case. I've discovered in my time that the KJV has been kept as a guide for what a bible should be like. Thats why the ESV is so popular in the reformed churches, because it sounds like the KJV just without the thees and thous.

The NEB was a rogue translation, popular in the methodist churches and the more liberal denominations. It gained more popularity than even the translators expected, Thus in churches such theologically controversial passages were being read in churches:

*In Matthew 5:3, the New English Bible interprets the first Beatitude, traditionally (and literally) rendered  "Blessed are the poor in spirit", as "how blessed are those who know their need of God." [wikipedia]

*In 2 Tim 3:16, the New English Bible renders the verse traditionally translated as "All scripture is given by the inspiration of God" as "all inspired scripture is given...".

* In Psalm 22:16, the New English Bible renders the familiar passage traditionally translated "... have pierced my hands and feet..." as "... hacked off my hands and my feet..."

Not exactly damnable heresy, but by the time of the REB it was returned to KJV territory [psalm 22 has "bound" instead of "hacked", still not the pierced of KJV but less explosive.] Basically the revisers were scared that the revolutionaries of the NEB era would do more damage than good - at least in my opinion. Whilst the NEB has some dodgy theology in [Saturday resurrection] Its no worse than the Catholic tradition of Good friday - Easter Sunday. So whilst its not ideal, its nothing that a discerning man can't figure out. Also remember that the NEB wasn't meant to be read in churches! It was meant to be read by those who can't understand the KJV, the KJV was still meant to be read in the church. It was "The Message" for the 60s. So the whole conception that the NEB was interpretative is making the assumption that that wasnt the point, it was meant to be a little cooky because hey: we have ALOT of formal translations around, RV, ASV, KJV, Weymouth, EBR just to name a few. So lets be interpretative. Thats why theres so many footnotes in the NEB, so that people are aware of the formal equivalent of verses.

You know, I've been reading a nice little PDF: here from Andrews University, which actually says of the NEB: "It tended to be too colloquial [p1]", "It was a bit too bold in its textual critical selections [p1,2]".

What cowardess! What if these bold selections are correct? So, they don't fit into current mainstream theology therefore they are "too bold"? and colloquialism! Thats the point, a less lofty bible means you can understand it better, anyone who reads the NEB will see that it isn't exactly "common", it has the grace of 40 years to give it a similar air to the KJV [it was also intended to be poetic] but its far easier to understand even now. These assertions that the NEB needed updating, fail to understand the bar the NEB raised, suddenly we had a single column, easy to read, literary feast, that we knew wouldnt be anything like the KJV, it opened our eyes to the possibility [Just read Genesis 6] that the Bible didnt need to be some dry far removed historical tome, but could in fact be engaging, to hear Jesus as an English Gentleman of OUR era, instead of some 17th century yokel, or as some bland Americanised fellow, really has shocked me, it makes me want to read more because NOW he is speaking in a way I get. Real English!

If anything, the NEB shows that dynamic equivalence doesnt have to be boring, using English properly, the Bible can become alive. Now please don't think that I hate the REB, it has alot of the NEB in it, but I feel that the revisers missed the point, and it shows. The NEB should have been left alone, perhaps updated. the REB should be a new translation altogether.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Belief in Heaven makes you a bad person.

Link here

Apparently belief in God and Heaven equals higher likelihood of committing crime. Now obviously, I'm not one to question secularized science and the Illuminati controlled media, who perpetuate the idea that man is actually an evolved monkey with a big brain, whilst believing that "if we kill off the useless eaters we can become gods (sourced from pretty much all their texts)".

But I have to question the motives of these scientists who would say such things. What are they trying to say? Are they saying Christianity is bad? Or good, because after all if you believe in Eternal conscious torment you tend to be better behaved..yes Hell = lower crime rates. This seems somewhat contradictory, but okay.

Are not those who believe in heaven also thousands of times more likely to believe in hell? Perhaps this is more of an ego thing. These are not Christians being asked, these are average people with big egos.

Ask most people and they will say "yeah I believe in heaven" - they don't, not in the Christian sense anyway. They are just scared of death, they like to THINK that there may be a heaven. Ask those same people about hell - nooo.

Those who believe in hell ARE Christians! They don't fear hell, have worked through the shock of Eternal torment and accept it as somewhere they will never see. That shows the difference. It isn't hell that stops the crime, its the belief in Jesus and the in-working of the Holy Spirit.

So the apparent fear of eternal damnation, seemingly enough to scare people into good behaviour is not the cause of this difference.

Every Pagan, heretic, Buddhist, Muslim, believes in heaven, they are all too good to die, God, or the universe, will sustain them in glory for giving him/it the pleasure of seeing their wonderful lives.

Its kind of like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself, and instead of just seeing plain ol' you, you see God. How can anyone want to destroy/torment me?! I'm awesome!!

Mental block at any though of uncontrollable negative consequences after death.

But really it speaks to the mental state of the people asked, a kind of cognitive dissonance in the minds of unrepentant sinners..after all, to rape someone yet care so little you still think that God will excuse it and even reward you! It leads one to realise how bad the state of the world is.

I hear the cries of those hell believers screaming "Amen come Jesus..please!!" without a moments hesitation.

This is my first post with notes to help me, I'm not sure of the quality, but I do feel it was much easier to type. I may be getting a net book soon, it'll be much easier to type with and make it much easier to research. I seriously hate touchscreens.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Big brother: a societal ensample.

This will be a short post. Every year I watch big brother, not through some sort of naive enjoyment but because it is something to tut at. Seriously, I see it as a shining example of how well this conspiracy to degrade and dumb our youth is working.

This year is no different, the most intelligent house mate is a male prostitute (porn star) who likes to masturbate in both the shower and the bath, channel 5 loves this of course, and makes sure we get to see it.

The moral behaviour of the house mates, in their interactions leaves a lot to desire. There is not one honest house mate, no not one. I have observed duplicity from every single one. Indeed, this is a game show. But often living with the other house mates creates a chilling effect, and it sort of becomes more about the experience rather than the cold duplicity we see from everyone.

I found myself shocked by Luke A. He was once a she. The rather beautiful young Lauren has been a victim of house bickering and is up for eviction. Luke expounded in great anger as to how Arron was not up for eviction and she was.

However 2 minutes previously we saw the self-same Luke tell Arron that he was a good guy who needed to be careful how he acts because he likes him and doesn't want him to leave.

Mild I know. There's things going on I don't want to discuss. Such as the sister show dragging its arse in the gutter. Every house mate is as duplicitous as Luke I'd not more. House mates are actively pursuing romantic relationships in order to stay in, whilst telling all the other house mates how much they dislike the person they are pursuing.

Big brother is now a shallow representation of what it once was. It was never good, but year upon year its shallowness has increased, and its desire to shock and degrade has grown to stupid proportions.

The symbolism of previous years seems to have been dropped. It just isn't that important anymore.

I find myself liking Lauren, she's fit and I'm 25. Looking beyond her looks though, I find I don't care whether she wins or not, I don't care who wins..its pure irrelevance. Its nothing more than a celebration of immorality.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Proverbs; prophecy in instruction.

I am currently reading through the book of proverbs. Its truly an insightful and deep book, and many proverbs which seem obvious have a much deeper meaning which claw at the heart rather than the mind. Entire commentaries could be written about one verse. (All quotes from the new English bible).

For instance;

Pride comes before disaster,
and arrogance before a fall. 16:18

Its a famous proverb, but it could easily be extrapolated and put into modern context. I feel that this refers to the end of the age, the downfall of our civilization, using history as a guide. Look at Rome, Greece and today. Societies wantonly sinful, and proud of it! Quickly headed for destruction.

They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves. Romans 1:22

Another proverb from chapter 28;

When the just are in power there are great celebrations (pageantry),
But when the wicked come to the top, others are downtrodden. 28:12

I'm not claiming that Proverbs is a Nostradamus-type text. I am just looking at it as it is. Wisdom reflects reality, either showing it to be just or unjust. A text thousands of years old shows a simple truth that our leaders ignore. If the people are downtrodden then those in power must be wicked! This includes the Queen. One proverb explains more than a 500 page new age promoting book by Icke.

Proverbs does prophecy, but not through specifics. More by example.

So we should listen when God says:

[B]ecause you have spurned all my advice and would have nothing to do with my reproof,
I in my turn will laugh at your doom and deride you when terror comes upon you,
When your doom comes upon you like a hurricane and your doom descends like a whirlwind. Proverbs 1:25-27a let's assume that such a quote referred to ancient Israel. We know disaster came upon them. But let's also assume it has the quality referring to God's justice. We know that every time the world has descended into sin, God has reacted by punishing us. We know that Jesus took the punishment of sin for believers. Non believers will again face the justice of Israel and other civilizations that worshipped other Gods and descended into sin. Thus, not only does this refer to fallen Israel, but the world in general.
Following 27a we hear:

Insolent men (people) delight in their insolence;
Stupid men (people) hate knowledge 27b

Its ignorance of knowledge that results in sin. But what makes sin so angering to God is INSOLENCE! Reflects our society pretty well doesn't it. Any evangelist will tell you just how godless our western society is, but the East is just as bad. Let me define insolence for you so we can advance further:

insolence [in-suh-luh ns]


1. contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech. 2. the quality or condition of being insolent.

Right there...contempt! We've heard it mentioned on numerous police dramas "contempt of court". Contempt is basically "disrespect".

Proverbs predicts that people will hold God in contempt, and thus will be punished for it. They will be so disrespectful towards Him that he laughs at them when they perish. This is a special kind of sin. A sin so great in its evil that God cannot withhold his own contempt at these people. Quite possibly the generation alive today, or to come shortly.

If you are a Christian, here's a test for you, find a sinner, and tell them that they are a sinner. Be serious, don't try to make it a joke, caringly warn them.

Then see their reaction. You could do this to 100 people and every reaction would be the same or similar.

Contempt! "Who are you to call ME a sinner?!"

A man who is still stubborn after much reproof, will suddenly be broken past mending. 29:1

Such is the way of the world. Many are broken past mending, the mending today would be salvation through Jesus and his death on the cross. But fear not, they won't spend eternity in "hell" suffering all manner of torments. They will be denied entrance to the new earth and will perish in the lake of fire. It will be awful, but the punishment is quantitive (eternal death) rather than qualitative (eternal dying).

The New World Order system has worked hard to deny the complex wisdom written in the Bible. Its a fairy tale apparently. Yet it has cleverly placed dupes and agents into the truth movement to push those seeking the truth towards a false Theosophical religion. Jesus said "As things were in Noah's days, so will they be when the Son of Man comes" (Mat 24:37) Jesus is declaring a full circle of events that will lead right back to Noah's day. Insipid wickedness, contempt for God and all manner of sins being committed. Along with the only punishment suitable for such crimes. You will find in almost every book of the bible such announcements. God has to return some time. Every generation must treat itself as the last. Interestingly it also seems that in every generation the level of sin committed seems to rise. Sure, you get vast evil in every century, but normally its isolated. Here we have in this century, every human being revelling in sin, even defending those who do so:

Shame on you! You who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who make bitter sweet and sweet bitter. Shame on you! You who are wise in your own eyes and prudent in your own esteem. Isaiah 5:20-21

We will all be judged, through Christ we will appear as clean as Christ. The rest will burn. Proverbs is the book to read after the gospel, its the proof-text of our own salvation, follow the wisdom, live it, practice it in daily life. It won't save you, but it may let you be a beacon to others, those who still have a chance, those who's ears still hear and eyes still see.

And please, turn off that TV.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An eye to the past.

I've been looking at old posts, from before my conversion. I have to say that I am impressed. I really did predict Cameron as PM. I mentioned Cameron would be a Churchill/Thatcher war primeminister - this is yet to come but seems to be heading ever closer (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Argentina). Whether its about converting nations to the NWO agenda or about oil..its coming.

Anyway another thing that intrigued me was how religiously weak I really was. I wrote a post on revelation (Its the end of the world) where I claimed that all Christian denominations were causing the apocalyptic events of revelation to come to pass. Now obviously I know this to be nonsense, its actually the Luciferians causing this, through Zionism and Kabbalah and every organization they can get their claws into. But it just interests me to see how far I have come.

Its becoming apparent that I have let a lot slip when it comes to this blog. I most definitely need more conspiracy-esque posts. I know a lot (humbly) and need to get it out there. The reason I have almost zero photos these days is due to my typing my posts on a cell/mobile phone. I hope this doesn't bother you. I'm lazy!

So how far have I come since 2010? What more is there? I hardly watch TV, When I do all I see is "the message" they want to bring across. Usually it will be multi-layered. For instance, a show like law and order has a consistent theme - the police are always morally right. Then there is the episodic sub-text based upon whatever the weeks theme is. Say its rape, then it would be, all men are bad (distrust the masculine). Then there is the promotional sub-text, this is an occasional addition that will promote surveillance, aggressive police behaviour and ID cards. There is even a resident conspiracy theorist called Munch (the voice of the people) who is a sounding board for all our fears and is often explained away by the A-list characters (usually with emotionalism, the old "what if you were?" arguments).

That's only one show of course. But it seems apparent that no matter what police show it is, flashpoint, 24, NCIS, all seem to promote an agenda of police violence, surveillance society, fear, and oppression. One show I find not on this list is the mentalist. Sure its not perfect and some of it has caused my eyebrows to raise. But it seems largely free of this propaganda. I like it, despite some of its dubious morality (Such as shooting someone you think is a serial killer then lying about it in court), (or letting someone go who faked their own death, and framed 3 people for the murder; because they were a depressed gay transvestite who got bullied at home and work).

Like I say its not perfect.

I may review some of the few shows I do begrudgingly watch. There isn't a show on TV with perfect christian morality, people would find it boring I expect. I watch some terribly immoral shows, like game of thrones, wow its bad! But I love it. If I were to review it, It would take away the majesty of it, I can't remember any symbolism in it. Although its plainly got some bad stuff in there (prostitution, swearing, occult magic), I take it for what it is..fantasy, it has no real world value. But when fantasy reflects reality, then it altars your perception of the real world as well. You tend to imprint your opinions of the TV cops onto the real world cops for example.

(I'm sure many doctors and nurses in the UK hear "I feel like I'm on casualty" on a daily basis)

Such is the power of TV to influence the minds of the slumbering hoardes of society.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I am still a conspiracy nut!

I have realised that I am no longer covering subliminals, conspiracies or any sort of "off the wall" crazy stuff.

For this I must apologise, I haven't really been looking that deeply into anything for a while, but I intend to soon. There will possibly be a few more bible/faith related posts before I get to it, perhaps a translation review. But there is lots going on right now, such as the Olympic torch orgy and the Jubilee nonsense that is really grinding my gears. My chin dropped today when someone admitted to being a royalist because having a Queen is better than a president - his logic being that the US has a corrupt government. If anything, the ability to vote out that president every four years makes his argument moot (I know that that's how they keep implementing the same policies either way, but I'm sure he wasn't aware of the NWO, I am answering from his level of knowledge not ours).

I don't know if I want to cover symbolism or movies anymore. Whilst it is really interesting its not exactly scientific, and I don't watch them many films. Whilst films such as John Carter and Iron Sky are definitely filled with the stuff, it also seems a bit silly to analyse films I have watched on a phone and have little facility to go back and check this stuff since my laptop packed up. Maybe once I have it fixed I can start again. My priorities really do seem to have changed since the "from virgin to whore" days. I still view that as the pinnacle of my blogging career, Knowing how famous and well respected the Celtic Rebel is (even by me at the time) I felt a great deal of pride from his exposure. But I don't listen to him anymore, because his derision of Christianity just isn't for me, I also fail to reconcile the obsession with sodomy as a means of global control. If he had a Christian perspective he would be able to piece it together (Make the world an abomination to God as Sodom was). I will however say that his own subliminal analysis is second to none. Listen to his shows and see what you think. I don't think he is evil, I don't think he has a plan to drive people from Christianity or anything. He's just a guy like me, and I like him, and I thank him, without him I wouldn't have nearly 8000 page views.

So, I intend to make this blog a mix of conspiracies and faith discussion. I have a lot to discuss. Nephilim for starters. I have given up on my Wycliffe bible update because its already been done. But I really would like to make a "new" bible with accurate changes such as Angel instead of serpent in Genesis 3:1. It makes sense, the root is "shining one". This is yet another hobby idea.

But yes. I am going to start writing my blog posts and edit them on paper before typing. I'm hoping this will help me to avoid ranting. Which I have a real tendency to do! (See above for evidence).

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I have taken on the courageous resolution!

For any Christians who read this blog every month (appox 285 people read this blog!) You may have seen last years movie courageous. I absolutely love the film, and first watched it 6 months ago when it came out on DVD. It really inspired me the first time round. But I have to admit that I didn't have the faith to follow the resolution at that time. My faith tends to waiver every now and again, largely due to sin, and how I can become weak to it. How can I pursue justice and love mercy when I am an unjust and unmerciful person myself?
I don't know what has happened over the past six months but my faith is strong and I know that through God I can overcome sin. It isn't perfect but it is there! The last few days my resolve has been higher than ever. I have been reading proverbs in my NEB, and despite the use of words like folly and churl, The proverbs have helped me a lot. I watched fireproof two nights ago, and last night courageous.

Both films are amazing, I'm sure the makers would not mind you downloading them, if they do then you can always amazon them. They are average price for DVDs. If you have US Netflix they may be on there.

The film essentially resolves the question, "where have all the men gone", its an answer I have known since I became a Christian, God makes a man! No matter what stereotypes you see in movies, they are not men. They exhibit animalistic, sub-human masculinity, but are not men.

To not give spoilers, something happens which causes a group of men to wonder what it means to be a true father, and a real man. There is research done which draws entirely from scripture, and I believe instead of simply showing what it is to be a father, shows what it means to be a man, a real man. I am not YET a father, but one day I will be, and I don't want to be "caught asleep at the wheel" (quote from the film) and realise that I had the chance to be prepared for fatherhood simply by being a man, the man that God wants me to be.

The resolution is simple, so simple that one has to wonder how we forgot these things. I was wondering this last night after I rewatched the film, fathers abandoning their children for other women - or men. Children brought up in broken homes, it came when we abandoned God.

But it isn't all about faith and religion but about men standing up, taking it upon themselves to call out the men in themselves and inspiring their sons. Same with mothers and daughters. Its no good propping your little ones in front of the TV. TV really does influence young minds, they will end up rebelling! That's what they want. You do that and the state will own your childs mind -for life.

I decided that the best thing I could ever do is take on this resolution, its not an oath or swearing by heaven. But a declaration of intent. An oath is something that you have to do in order to progress, where you swear that you will tell the truth, or swear an oath to the scouts in order to join. There's no obligation here, you choose to do this because you have thought this over and want accountability for your actions. But if you fail God won't condemn you. Its something that you have resolved to do (hence resolution not oath). Some will fail, some won't.

I was considering waiting to get a high quality resolutio, but why wait? This is as much a personal thing as anything. So I printed it out, put a smaller one in my Bible and an A4 in a frame which I signed!
Google courageous resolution pdf - its the top one.

Read through, think, pray, and decide if you have the resolve to try and be perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect;

What is the resolution? Here it is:

I do solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, my wife, and my children.

I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.

I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me.

I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.

I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.

I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.

I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.

I WILL work diligently to provide for the needs of my family.

I WILL forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.

I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.

I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His Word, and do His will.

I WILL courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life and for His glory.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24:15