Thursday, 22 April 2010

The 21st Century child Death cults

"I love Robert Pattinson", you hear it everywhere, from the bleating hearts of girls ranging from 5 to 25. "Its just a harmless fad" cry mothers and fathers everywhere. But what are they worshipping? Who is it they love? A corpse.

They saw him as a wizard in Harry Potter, killed by Voldemort, then in 2008 he pops up as a vampire in Twilight. Now of course im not bringing a connection between the two into light. What I am saying, is wherever he is - hes dead.

Kids love it. Vampirism is being rewritten in the mainstream media. No longer are vampires hideous souless beasts that rape and devour women in the night. Or the puffed up beasts of romania, who were dug up and staked after noises were heard coming from their graves. No they're hip dudes who only choose to avoid sunlight should it make their skin glow all glittery :D wooing angsty teenage girls and showing how being dead means you never have to sleep, and can run REALLY FAST.

If it were a jolly romp it would be ok. But these films and books appeal to children to such a degree that its dangerous. Since Buffy, angsty brooding vampires who seduce (at least in America) underage girls and sleep with them has become a norm. Cults have evolved, contests begun - who can be the best vampire. Some people actually do drink blood, use razor blades to cut themselves. This is the real impact of mainstream media exposure to this perverse view of reality. Vampirism has become a sexualized grope into darkness, and films like Twilight are used to program children into believing some kind of satanistic kabbalistic cannibalism is normal and even something to strive for.

There is a real message to gain from this obsession with Twilight. Our society is broken. Not by accident but by a shadow government that wants our planet to become one under a totalitarian dictatorship - a New World Order. In this society all human perversions will be exploited, cannibalism, paedophilia, rape, and of course vampirism is a perversion. At least religiously it is demonic. And of course our shadow government complex could be considered satanic.

We do need to protect children - and we need to protect ourselves. Television and the media are forms of programming. Dont let the new world order take your child.

Lets just remember what Vampires looked like 30 years ago

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Continuance of Slavery

Its so obvious when you think about it; How much coverage has the Tory posterchild recieved? then compare it to the negative coverage of Gordon Brown.
There is supremo push to get Cameron elected, This has been the case for years, ever since Michael Howard resigned from the leadership.

It follows Icke-ian Problem Reaction Solution : get people so pissed off, dont focus it on anything, then in order to get your change - whatever it is you want - point it towards the reverse.

We're in a recession - handled badly by Brown. Crime is escalating - handled badly by Brown. Tony Blair has left power - everyone liked him, despite Iraq, if scientists said we all needed to eat our own faeces in order to fight climate change, Blair could convince people to do it. Brown couldnt - and this is the problem, the NWO is aware that Brown is a very bad puppet leader, noone likes him, noone believes him - and he has his own mind - if he doesnt wanna do something - how wont, and this is causing the NWO a problem. So its time to bring in change, all across the media Cameron is the poster boy, Change, Change, Change. Obamas mantra, the conservatives are bandying it about like sweets. Amazingly, despite the anti- thatcherism that runs through the Working Class, but is ignored in the bourgeoisie news media - its working. There is a sense of optimism among the sheeple - I know Cameron will win, I know Bilderberg has already arranged it, but I feel it as well. When Cameron is actually being acknowleged as opposition on ITV news, given more coverage in a positive light as the negative of the current government, you know all the telly heads have had "that" briefing.

There is no support for Labour here, but there has to be an understanding, A government doesnt "run its course" as is being laid out on TV. The news is giving you an order - vote in the opposition. You have a choice, vote in a party, you know the lib dems wont win, you know every party standing wont win except two, Labour and Tory, so you are being told to vote for the other one. Either way you lose...things will get worse whoever comes in, freedoms will be stripped, taxes will increase, corruption will be rife, lies will be told. Eventually we will get world government, and it will follow the feudal model, we will be - and already are -Slaves.

You have a choice, vote UKIP, BNP, or independent, your best bet is independent as they tend to be normal people with a single issue, keep bothering them, educate them, show them the truth, its all over the internet. Keep researching, protest - do whatever you can, but make a noise, make it loud and make it clear - freedom lives.
This is a short post, simply to say its now time to change, to grow up, to evolve. This blog, has had no focus, but now...Its another arm, another voice in the war against the New World Order.

I will do my best to expose the filth and corruption in the world, the beasts that howl in the night, killing, raping, maiming; all in order to increase their wealth and power, and harm and kill and rape even more.

Death to the New World Order