Friday, 30 September 2011

Planet Dinosaur Files: Incoctrination of children into the science of assumptions.

Believe it or not, Dinosaurs didn't live hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, there wasn't vast numbers of species of them, just a few dozen. How do I know this?

Theres many species of dinosaur that had counterparts on different continents, These were in fact the same "kind" of animal, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus for example but were given different names.

Remember " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. " Whether or not you believe this or not, its most definitely the best answer for how life began. The idea of nothingness on its own becoming a universe, then dead inert matter becoming life is quite frankly absurd. Atheism tries to make the christianity look stupid bu adding the word "science" and "evidence" to their stupid theories, but sadly - as Kent Hovind - realised our children are being indoctrinated into these atheistic cults. One way of doing it is in the classroom, but another is via TV, in fact I would say the TV IS the main way of doing it. After all not all kids listen in class, but all kids love watching TV, and when theyre watching it they are transfixed and ALL their attention is on it.

The world is between 10,000 and 6000 years old, I dont see how any "christian" could believe any different. I think that upon hearing "millions of years ago" we should all balk and laugh, do not let your kids believe this rubbish. Palaeontology is NOT a science, it does not follow the scientific method..its all assumption without evidence, go to my Kent Hovind blog post for hours and hours of seminars on the science, the Geological record is BS, as is dating methods. you could also visit AnswersinGenesis for more.

Children need to understand that their mind is their most important earthly asset. If they cannot think properly they wont conclude properly, They need to learn to trust their bible and their God, because time is running out. Right now, via television children are being mindcontrolled. Its sickening.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

End of Days, what a load of nonsense.

Watching End of Days, I just have to say what a vile movie it is, all throughout Christ's name is blasphemed, Satan is made out to be this awesome cool witty fellow who if he wasn't a psychopath you could go out for a few beers with. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Jesus? Well apparently so because in this film, he sacrifices himself and is also crucified!

Now as always follows with the "establishment", the Christian element in this film is..*drumroll*..Catholic. Now I hate to point this out to Hollywood, but Catholicism is not really..very..Christian. Yes I know that many Catholics consider themselves to be Christian but they're Papists!

Who do Catholics pray to more..Jesus or Mary? Catholicism is the biggest insult to Jesus there is! You heard of transubstantiation? Hollywood if you're going to make films about God, you should realise that

a. a church is not Holy except THE Church; the bridegroom of the Lord Jesus Christ, any other church is just bricks and mortar.
b. God always wins - with or without us
c. We cannot stop the Antichrist
d. God is sovereign
e. Cursing God's name is a sin
f. Satan is not interested in having sex with human women
g. Hollywood is owned by Satan
h. You are his slaves because you are prideful and love money.

I always laugh when "christians" talk about consecrated ground and churches as being holy. Its that same Jewish idea of a place having significance beyond what it is. A graveyard is not consecrated ground..nowhere in the Bible is there a mention of such a place, also the Whole new testament is about a shift in position of God, from the temple in Jerusalem, to inhabiting people through the Holy Spirit. As such, all Christians are literally indwelt by God and are perfectly capable of calling upon the Holy name of Jesus in order to be protected against Satan.

Now think of that scene where "Satan" walks into that Catholic church and the priest says, "leave Satan! I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" and "Satan" screams in terror as God literally picks him up and drags him out of the Church. Thats what would happen. But no, we are lied to and have been for centuries by a church that makes man weaker than it is, and a media that lies to the public, making out that all christians are catholics.

Trust me when I say End of Days is a ridiculous film, it may be entertaining were it without constant blasphemy. In any spiritual battle with Satan, you are dealing with not a physical sword, but a sword of truth. Jesus will save us from evil..if it is his will. If it is not, we cannot be dragged to hell by demons, we can repent at any time, Satan has no hold on us unless we allow it and turn from God towards him. Brethren WE ARE THE PRIESTHOOD. We have authority via Jesus Christ. Learn the scriptures!! I know the end is nigh, the signs are there. we have to be spiritually prepared, learn..LEARNN!!!