Friday, 3 December 2010

The Alex Jones lies about Bill Cooper. The Replacement

Okay, as part of my "infowar" on Alex Jones, I want to present to you some Jones critiques of the late William Cooper. Now if you havent listened to Cooper's work, I have presented you in previous articles the opportunity to do so. Compare that with what Jones has to say..this will be updated shortly.

Jones' toyboy Jason Bermas. Who apparently pitched a tent in Jones backyard before he was allowed to join him in his quest to scare America into rioting.

An interesting video that suggests Jones is part of Project Mockingbird:

Wikipedia link on Operation Mockingbird

Bill Cooper, Mystery Babylon

This is just to give you a link to my Youtube, where I am uploading every episode of Cooper's Mystery Babylon series. I'm sure there are episodes all over the internet, However I feel that putting them all in one place so that listeners can go from one episode to the next - in order - is the best thing to do to honour Bill's memory.

Bill felt that this was his shining achievement, and to see them scattered all over the place when I have every episode on CD is just a waste.

Whilst I believe that he was right on the money, I will warn you that this is heavy stuff, and takes alot of concentration. You will probably have to do some research yourself. But if you can knuckle down and listen - and learn - you will be opening yourself up to new concepts and new ideas.

Now you will discover that Mystery Babylon is a term from the Bible. If you arent a Christian don't discount it on that basis. Its mentioned there because Babylonian religion was the basis of all pagan religions in the middle east - and the Roman Empire. Once Christianity took over as the dominant religion MB went underground, and IS the oldest religion in existence, and is the religion of the upper-class elites (think Bohemian Grove and the big owl, and all the symbolism in movies).

Here is the link to my Youtube page, please ignore the stupid name, I've had this account since about 2006:

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