Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I was almost abducted by "Aliens".

I have to write this quickly before I forget, last night (sometime after 330am)I had the strangest dream, I was at my place of work, with a colleague, standing just outside the doors, its a retail environment and at the back of the store is where I was, with all the stock cages. I can't remember who noticed it first, but there was a spaceship, triangular in shape, it had exhaust valves at the back that were glowing red. An idea came into my head, when i experienced it - it was the most single obvious idea I have ever had it made so much sense - "I am the son of man". Focus shifted from the spaceship to this idea as I pondered this idea. Then focus returned to this ship that was circling the sky, I was alarmed but not afraid, and I had all my attention on this ship, then I was awake..oh dear...

I was lying on my back with my head turned to the left, I could move but I was extremely relaxed, I had no pain, I had no real physical sensation other than (if I move my hands move). There was these creatures in my room standing together focused on me, observing me. I didn't have the conception that these creatures were evil per se, but I knew they were bad news. I began to sing christian songs (for some reason the name of Jesus was hidden from me). I may have asked God for help but my memory is a bit skewed. They were your typical grays BUT not as I think of them..this is something that makes me think this isn't a dream, I always think of the grays having massive heads, but these didnt. their heads were yes big, but in a way that made sense. I moved, out of body, i rose up a few inches and was pulled down my bed but something stopped me, I was still singing [I sang hosanna by Hillsong, revelation song by Kari Jobe, anything that worshiped God], I came back to my normal condition. I remember wondering what was going on, and seeing this small creature sitting on my bed..that was odd, It was actually sitting on me, it was really small, sitting on my hip and arm, but I couldnt feel it.

Anyway Im going off track, after being pulled out of body and being dragged down my bed [i was definitely being pulled, I could see myself moving and objects getting closer] it felt like a rag being pulled down a tube, but then I would be pulled back, I was definitely struggling but There was 6 of these things at least just standing there, all keeping their distance. I was pulled again and this time I was on the move i floated over to these "aliens" and I remember looking right at his face, He was quite bemused [and i remember it blinking] They take enjoyment from our fear. I was singing hes got the whole world in his hands by now, it was like I was grasping at straws trying to find what I was looking for (Jesus of course). I was rapidly pulled around the room and ended up right at the corner by the door, there was a light there [what i now believe to be a 'portal']. I knew they were going to take me and I really didnt want that. out of this portal came more of these things, arms outstretched they floated down to the ground, Then this light came to my face, like a circle and I was back in bed - if you like "wide awake" - there was still an alien there, but it faded away. Jesus saved me, Yahweh saved me. through the entire time these aliens were trying to take me, God was going "Nawww" and putting me back.

Needless to say I prayed afterwards. Yeshua Messiah says "I will never leave you nor forsake you". He never lies.

I have no idea why I received a visit last night.It scared me, but I take comfort knowing that the Creator of the universe was keeping an eye on me.

When you consider that people say that there is no way to stop an encounter, and that they fight and fight and nothing happens. Yet I did nothing but sing a few songs and have faith and God showed his presence. You can call upon his name [Jesus] or just have faith, but have no fear of these creatures, they feed upon it.

They obviously injected a thought into my mind, They told me I was the "Son of Man", this the title for King David and for Jesus, I think its possible they were observing my behavior in this dreamlike state. Or maybe trying to instill new age philosophy [you shall be as God] into my head. Who knows. What I do know is they got more than they bargained for!!

Im sure this is a garbled mess, but I'm writing as quickly as possible! If anything more happens I will write it.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Planet Dinosaur Files: Incoctrination of children into the science of assumptions.

Believe it or not, Dinosaurs didn't live hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, there wasn't vast numbers of species of them, just a few dozen. How do I know this?

Theres many species of dinosaur that had counterparts on different continents, These were in fact the same "kind" of animal, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus for example but were given different names.

Remember " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. " Whether or not you believe this or not, its most definitely the best answer for how life began. The idea of nothingness on its own becoming a universe, then dead inert matter becoming life is quite frankly absurd. Atheism tries to make the christianity look stupid bu adding the word "science" and "evidence" to their stupid theories, but sadly - as Kent Hovind - realised our children are being indoctrinated into these atheistic cults. One way of doing it is in the classroom, but another is via TV, in fact I would say the TV IS the main way of doing it. After all not all kids listen in class, but all kids love watching TV, and when theyre watching it they are transfixed and ALL their attention is on it.

The world is between 10,000 and 6000 years old, I dont see how any "christian" could believe any different. I think that upon hearing "millions of years ago" we should all balk and laugh, do not let your kids believe this rubbish. Palaeontology is NOT a science, it does not follow the scientific method..its all assumption without evidence, go to my Kent Hovind blog post for hours and hours of seminars on the science, the Geological record is BS, as is dating methods. you could also visit AnswersinGenesis for more.

Children need to understand that their mind is their most important earthly asset. If they cannot think properly they wont conclude properly, They need to learn to trust their bible and their God, because time is running out. Right now, via television children are being mindcontrolled. Its sickening.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

End of Days, what a load of nonsense.

Watching End of Days, I just have to say what a vile movie it is, all throughout Christ's name is blasphemed, Satan is made out to be this awesome cool witty fellow who if he wasn't a psychopath you could go out for a few beers with. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Jesus? Well apparently so because in this film, he sacrifices himself and is also crucified!

Now as always follows with the "establishment", the Christian element in this film is..*drumroll*..Catholic. Now I hate to point this out to Hollywood, but Catholicism is not really..very..Christian. Yes I know that many Catholics consider themselves to be Christian but they're Papists!

Who do Catholics pray to more..Jesus or Mary? Catholicism is the biggest insult to Jesus there is! You heard of transubstantiation? Hollywood if you're going to make films about God, you should realise that

a. a church is not Holy except THE Church; the bridegroom of the Lord Jesus Christ, any other church is just bricks and mortar.
b. God always wins - with or without us
c. We cannot stop the Antichrist
d. God is sovereign
e. Cursing God's name is a sin
f. Satan is not interested in having sex with human women
g. Hollywood is owned by Satan
h. You are his slaves because you are prideful and love money.

I always laugh when "christians" talk about consecrated ground and churches as being holy. Its that same Jewish idea of a place having significance beyond what it is. A graveyard is not consecrated ground..nowhere in the Bible is there a mention of such a place, also the Whole new testament is about a shift in position of God, from the temple in Jerusalem, to inhabiting people through the Holy Spirit. As such, all Christians are literally indwelt by God and are perfectly capable of calling upon the Holy name of Jesus in order to be protected against Satan.

Now think of that scene where "Satan" walks into that Catholic church and the priest says, "leave Satan! I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" and "Satan" screams in terror as God literally picks him up and drags him out of the Church. Thats what would happen. But no, we are lied to and have been for centuries by a church that makes man weaker than it is, and a media that lies to the public, making out that all christians are catholics.

Trust me when I say End of Days is a ridiculous film, it may be entertaining were it without constant blasphemy. In any spiritual battle with Satan, you are dealing with not a physical sword, but a sword of truth. Jesus will save us from evil..if it is his will. If it is not, we cannot be dragged to hell by demons, we can repent at any time, Satan has no hold on us unless we allow it and turn from God towards him. Brethren WE ARE THE PRIESTHOOD. We have authority via Jesus Christ. Learn the scriptures!! I know the end is nigh, the signs are there. we have to be spiritually prepared, learn..LEARNN!!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

TV is a false god, and a liar.

What is up with people? Zombified by the TV, locked into a system of nonsense that has no relevance beyond that self-same system (media).

Think about it, you wake up in the morning, turn on the TV, the programmes on there are meaningless, they talk about other TV programmes, films, music, celebrities and whats in the newspapers etc.

Turn off the TV and you will see the impact it has on you. Within a few hours you will crave it, because its addictive. You feel uninformed, vulnerable and feel like you're missing your favourite shows.

Give it time. Suddenly you will realise that the people around you talk about nothing but TV, nothing but celebrities, nothing but films, music, things that have no real bearing on real life.

Wheres the talk about Jesus? For a non-believer this will have no bearing. But all the talk of Jesus Christ thats in the media is to square the Name above all Names in with "religion". You see the media doesnt want Jesus, it hates him. Because if Jesus were to come in glory today, everyone in the media would be condemned to Hell for promoting fornication, abortion, contraception, triviality, limiting the spiritual growth of billions, diminishing marriage and promoting idolatry! Its also destroyed the faith of countless children, teenagers and adults through "nature shows" where the false doctrine of evolution is pushed.
Often fornication is romanticised - especially in films known as romcoms.

Programmes such as Jeremy Kyle will tell youngsters in relationships that they're too young to marry and should just use condoms instead, implying fornication is the way a 17 year old girl should conduct herself. It is God's commandment that a man and a woman should marry before having sex, yes EVEN in the 21st Century.

The News gives you a false vision of the world around you. You don't need to know whats happening in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere other than your own local area. Trust me, if armies are invading your shores, you will hear about it! and if nuclear missiles come careering over your head, it wont matter whether your knew about it or not.

Turn that TV off! Because so long as it has power in your life its a false god that will lead you off the narrow path and into damnation.

"but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6 NASB

"Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life." Revelation 13:11-14 NASB

Friday, 1 July 2011

Engineering, Lies, Sex and Blasphemy on TV.

I was just sitting here on my computer, minding my own business - and then I heard "Jesus Christ!". Not in the good way either. Turns out my dads watching Graham Norton, and Chris O'Dowd is telling a joke. If I wasn't attuned to that holiest of names, I probably wouldn't even notice and would laugh at the joke. End of typing this sentence I hear "Oh God". Yes its still on, and I really want to rant. The idiots are propped up on TV, and our kids watch these shows - they do whatever you say - and repeat blasphemy and curse words as if its normal.

I will admit before you all that I am a sinner, I struggle with lustful urges, I gossip, and in my past I have used the Lords name in vain, and short of murder broken most commandments. I have even encouraged others to sin before. I am repentant, and with the grace of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour I am saved.

So being short of self righteousness, I have to be dismayed that on an hourly basis, the TV invites itself into peoples homes and blasphemes, swears and distorts people's minds. I dont think its a sin to watch TV, but its certainly dangerous to allow this stuff to enter your minds. Believe it or not, what happens on TV isnt real, and doesnt matter ONE IOTA. Even the news, what happens in other countries doesnt matter. Imagine not having a TV, not reading the paper, not listening to the radio (short of christian radio) and having never heard about the Japanese Tsunami!! Imagine. Your entire focus shifts, from whats happening somewhere else that you have no influence over, to things that truly matter. Family and homelife, You can stop emulating fictional characters on TV, you can develop your own personality. You become healthier because you aren't sitting there vegetating. You can begin to form your own opinions.

This is the truth of television, a shifting of focus from your own lives to the lives of people elsewhere who mean nothing to you. Inputting data into your mind that you dont need, occupying your conciousness, forcing opinions on you whilst making you believe theyre your own. Suddenly you hear yourself saying "Brucie's on!!" or "Go Simon, you tell it like it is". (I bet those of you from the UK and US may know who I mean). Its my dream to one day live in a house/flat without a TV. I can watch what tiny amount of programmes without the rest of the day being spewed with the news and trivial shows that are meaningless. TV is oppressive, and my neck will feel so much better when I stop shaking my head in dismay at this trash. Finally I wont have so many buxom blondes in skimpy clothes teasing me from 300 miles away via technology. LOL

I wont have news shows lying to me

I wont have comedy shows trying to socially engineer me.

Or Coronation street

Or Eastenders.

OR Emmerdale!!

I know some people are all pro-gay, frankly, I don't care what people do, and before being saved and my repentance - I went to gay clubs with my work, and have also drunkenly kissed another guy. I have repented of it and its over with. All these shows, are prime time, and push this on children who are viewing it as normal. Whats even more scary, all these gay relationships are shown as being more loving and more sincere than "straight" relationships. In Coronation street the lesbians are supposedly CHRISTIAN, and are okay cos they work in a homeless shelter (apparently they can be christian and have a lesbian relationship because they do GOOD WORKS). You couldnt make this stuff up. TV will often push works righteousness, they never push faith in Jesus Christ, blood of the lamb, Christians are always people who do good works on TV. They give skewed ideas on christianity (usually along with catholicism and piety for good measure) in order to alienate as many potential christians from following the true faith. Look at Dot Branning in Eastenders - the only christian in the show as far as I'm aware - haggard, smokes like a chimney - had nothing but suffering in her life (still thats standard for most characters in Eastenders these days) Shes shown as a doddering old woman who quotes bible verses, old, outdated, same hairstyle for 30 years.

TV is a social engineering tool. Now social engineering is simple, it follows the basic tenets of Problem -reaction -solution.

you want a trend - create it - promote it.

People will always follow TV, and those who dont watch much TV will either find it in magazines or find out from their friends. Its likely that whatever the mark of the beast is, will be promoted on TV as something revolutionary. My feeling is that credit cards, which you once swiped and signed, you now insert and enter pin, and soon will just RFID, will evolve into a chip that you put under your skin. It will replace cash completely. Working in retail, its something I have seen, I started my job at the advent of chip and pin, it was slow blustering system..today its processed in 2 seconds. enter pin, press ok, 2 seconds theres your receipt. Chip and pin was advertised on TV as being...REVOLUTIONARY. Sadly I cant find the old ads on youtube. But I can find the ads of today and the beginning of RFID technology being pushed on the public.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kent Hovind on Evolution vs Creation.

Epic Series on how the theory of evolution is a lie. Considering I also dropped my theistic beliefs many years ago for atheism based on Dawkins books on how evolution was a more than satisfactory replacement for God, its fitting that having come to Christ I would again review my thoughts on it. Creationism seems ridiculous in our now Godless world, God made the world in 6 days? the earth is less than 10,000 years old? No way.

I will point out it doesnt say anywhere in the Bible how old the earth is, so that guess is made purely on the ages of Adam, Moses, etc etc. But It is likely that since the book of Genesis was written by a Human, and the account if of Earths creation, that its about as old as we are, plus 5 days.

After seeing some of these lectures; I have to say that I have no problem with creationism anymore. Evolution is full of holes, lies and corruption. What may seem an inoccuous scientific theory is in fact evil, and has no basis in the scientific arena whatsoever. After hearing Hovind mention how much of evolution is actually supposition. It took me back to Dawkins making excuses (passionately might I add) for many of the inconsistencies, such as missing links (Dawkins: we don't need them), How to make life come from non-replicative matter (Given enough time anything is possible - and a billion years is a long time), The lack of evidence (Apparently Evolution is scientific fact) and hearing him rip into Christianity at every opportunity. I find his beliefs far more dangerous than my own. After all, in Dawkins' world we are all slaves to our genetics, ideas are always unoriginal (memes) and soul-less (ideas are simply competing for survival, as genes are). I pick on Richard Dawkins because he is now seen as the main face of the atheist movement. Atheism and Evolution are intertwined, to accept Evolution you HAVE to remove God from the picture, because to believe it you have to believe that life came from nothing. Its a religion.

I will post all videos here for you to view, they're long..very very long. But its worth it.

Seminar 1

Seminar 2

Seminar 3

Seminar 4

Seminar 5

Seminar 6

Seminar 7 - Questions and answers

Friday, 3 June 2011

Do Bible Versions matter: Really?

A very concerning event has occurred today. I noticed a suprious video on youtube, claiming that the NKJV is evil and nowhere near as good as the KJV. Now I am aware that theres something of a KJV fanboism all over the world, who think that a book thats 400 years old this year is somehow the "definitive" version and translation of texts that are 5 times older than it. Apparently an occult King who wanted to dominate faith via the Church of England and create his own priest class here in the UK 400 years ago is more capable of translating a book than actual christians in 1985.

Again and again we get people claiming that every translation except the KJV is evil, occult, dangerous. I own a NKJV - its my main bible and its a beautiful read. you get 11 pages explaining how the translation was done. and on EVERY page of the bible, explanations are given and other possible choices are given for a specific word. Theres no great conspiracy here.

So here I am refuting every single point made in this video:

Which is just over the top and quite damaging to the publishers and makers of this great translation, and I - actually being civil as well, hitting the points and not the character of the Poster - get all my posts deleted! and a nice message from the video poster which says "You are wrong -and goodbye", as if I have done something wrong...Obviously vudumojo has had a hard day/

Anyway, I had to laugh at the implication that the symbol of the holy trinity contains three sixes and is demonic. Now I have heard of hidden in plain sight, but this is ridiculous. a simple google image search for holy trinity will bring up the same symbol. I searched for pagan trinity and recieved one image that was the same as the holy trinity.

One of the fascinating things about demonic paganism is that it will take any symbols it pleases and use them as their own. Paganism will take God's of any civilization, Zeus, Ra, Baal - it doesnt matter. So taking an old symbol of the Holy Trinity is not beneath it.

My refutations were based on verses, which i easily dealt with using bibleworks and translation notes. Don't get me wrong I like the KJV! Its a great translation, but using one bible TRANSLATION as a basis for all others is ridiculous, its imputing perfection to the first translation - which was done 400 years ago! If you want the translation to be perfect and literal use Youngs Literal translation, why mess around with the KJV?

I have no idea who the man is at the end, and frankly I don't care. From what I heard he seems to think that what bible you read matters, that God does not have a way of shining through the word. Gods word is perfect and Holy, nothing man could do could impact that. Whether its in the NKJV, Geneva, KJV, NASB, ESV, RSV even NIV, God will shine through. Theres a reason we get the Holy Spirit!! If you question the bible version you are questioning the Spirit as to whether its able to do its job!!

So just relax and read.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mars Hill Church. Pastor Mark: The Kingdom of God.

This is really a great video, just had to share it. Its an hour long.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lady Gaga Loves Judas? what?? [Updated]

4-2-2014: Decided to update this, as my theology has changed, it's actually confirmed some things Lady Gaga has said in her songs, especially the stuff on being 'beyond repentance'

I love symbolism. Not because of what it represents (usually esoteric denial/hatred of God and human virtue), but because it presents a challenge to the listener/viewer to seek it and find it. But here we are, 3 years after Lady Gaga's arrival, and she finally admits where her loyalty lies.

"I'm in love with Judas"

Judas of course is the betrayer of Christ, In the Gnostic gospels of course he was completely innocent of all charges and was just "doing his duty" but in reality he betrayed his God for money.

Lady Gaga loves him.

Now to the majority of people out there what I am saying is irrelevant. Even to "truthers", because most people deny God and would rather sweep him under the carpet - too much to think about.

But basically, shes spouting freemasonic [Luciferian] doctrines, its all role reversal, in Luciferianism, Lucifer is God, and the true God Jehovah is the devil. In essence Judas is a hero to luciferians, he served his false god, and in death went to be with him. Thats why Gaga loves him. I feel here, she is declaring herself to be a messiah.

"When he comes to me, I am ready
I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times, he betrays me"

This is not the most shocking verse of the song, but its still pretty awful "When he comes to me I am ready" - when who does, Judas? or something darker?

I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs...Well Jesus washed the feet of his disciples..perhaps more blasphemy, declaring herself a messiah.

To declare forgiveness is something God does, we can forgive transgressions against ourselves, and actually should do always (turn the other cheek) but we cannot forgive thoughts..only God is aware of our thoughts..three times..that was Peter denying him three times.

I see where this is going.

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense
Judas kiss me if offenced,
Or wear an ear condom next time

Ouch, I'm not really going to make much effort here. Lady Gaga has confused forgiveness with repentance. With God no-one except a reprobate is beyond forgiveness. For the non-reprobate repentance is the first step. To repent is to "turn towards God" from one false belief (here it would be satanism) to the gospel. However, what she is actually saying is she has gone too far the other way, and cannot turn back..Perhaps this is a plea from her dying spirit. Lady Gaga is here presenting herself as a Romans 1 reprobate. Someone who God has given over to the vileness of her lusts, to do "that which is unseemly". She's actually admitting the truth of God and his existence, by her own denial and hatred of him.

I really do not want young girls singing this vileness - seriously, has our youth not had it bad enough as it is? without blatantly being influenced to sing songs about loving Judas and being beyond repentance?

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
Judas is the demon I cling to
I cling to

Lady Gaga is saying that she wants to love Jesus, but her own lusts, her own passions are pulling her away, in other words she loves the world too much. As others would say, "Jesus is a good guy" but she won't worship him, she won't ask him to forgive her sins and die for her. Her pride is too great, she wants to ascend to the heavens, be equal to God. She appeals to the virtues of Luciferianism. That is why Judas is the 'demon' she clings to! the demon is GREED! 30 pieces of silver will make her sell her soul. In Luciferianism (which is the source of evolutionism) survival of the fittest reigns, by doing such a thing she is showing herself to be a superior human being.

And I'm sure as always the masses won't give a hoot. I'm sure they will when in their ignorance they wind up facing the wrath of God.

This is indeed top notch devil programming for the sheeple. the repetition of "I'm in love with Judas" the demonic lyrics, recipe for disaster.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Change of Perception: The unawakening.

Its been over a month. But I have still been hard at work. My opinions on the truth movement, on the new age etc have changed drastically. I have now come to the conclusion that both of these are false movements, and that the truth is not in any man made or channelled information. But in Jesus.

Yes, I have seen Zeitgeist, yes I have listene to Icke, Tsarion et al. But I believe the demolition of Christianity in the eyes of the world lends great credence to Revelation, and the words of Jesus Christ. Who said that there would be scoffers, and people who denied him in the last days. That Christians would be greatly persecuted and that their would be false prophets.

Its kind of scary really, The fasted growing movement on Earth is the truth movement, and yet its a misnomer, there is no real truth. Just faith, and acceptance of gurus. (I use the word guru deliberately).

Gurus are worshipped: literally seen as a God. The transcendance of this in modern day is that people such as Icke, Jones, Tsarion, Wilcock- are seen as being fallible (or even "just human"), but seen as great human beings who want the best for us, yet are willing to take our cash and feed us information which 95% never bother to research for themselves. That in itself is a form of worship, the people themselves are seen as infallible, but the words themselves are seen as completely right, and often are taken in a religious context "Icke says this" "Alex was so right, man hes awesome".

Guru's want your money: In the the truth movement, people love spending money, whether it be on "dont tread on me" Tshirts or books, or subscriptions. The capitalista strike again, Its not that theres anything wrong with supporting the movement, just that the books tend to have a substantial markup (Ickes book is £20 on his website). As do the clothes (infowars t-shirts $19.95 a pop) and other memorabilia. If this information was so important, would it not be substantially reduced? Christianity would bring anyone into the fold that it could, for free in its early days. But Both Icke and Jones charge subscriptions for any of their published works, Jones actually charges for you to watch him do his radio show, and calls it prisonplanet.tv, but really..he kind of shoots himself in the foot with this one, because now you get to see how insincere he is ;)

But enough of slating them both. back to business:

Gurus tend to see themselves as God: Jones is scot free on this one. But Icke DID claim to be A son of God. And uses many theosophical terms in his early works such as Godhead, channelling Alice Bailey's spirit guide Rakorsky etc.

The modern New age is in fact Theosophy repackaged, theres no mention in the mainstream of the depopulation, but all new agers denounce religion. Zeitgeist was a great example of this: notice how its ONLY christianity denounced. Its seen as a joke nowadays - and theres no reason for it. But its the main target of derision - Islam isnt treated the same way (which might I add is why this ridiculous lie that in 50 years most of Europe will be muslim is spreading so easily).

I will add youtube links here for an amazing documentary called Megiddo, it comes in two volumes, "march to armageddon" and "the new age".

Christianity is so despised in Modern times, because Satan (yes he exists) is orchestrating the greatest fraud in our entire history: the lie that we can become Gods. Thats the New age for you, self empowerment, spiritual ascension (see stargate episode Meridian), Gnosticism - ideas that we contain the spark of God within us.

Nope..we are marching towards a new world order, but its going to be very different that people expect. You will think its been won by us, but in fact its been won by Satan.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Why does nobody look up? (2)

At risk of sounding paranoid, I think they're out to get us.

I remember when I was younger, living in the great city of Stoke on Trent, looking up at the clear blue sky and seeing a plane going over, a thin vapour trail behind it, before rapidly disappearing.

Now we get.

The difference in 16 years is striking, this is how a plane 'CON-trail' used to look:

Of course not every trail behind a plane is a chemtrail, if you see a thin white line behind a plane, watch it and see what happens, if it begins to expand, billow and grow then its a chemtrail, it will begin to form into a flat cloud and will become a haze in the sky masking the sunlight.

like this :

The mainstream media ignores this, and the masses lump chemtrails in with contrails..through ignorance. The furthest it will get is local news or a documentary:

Now for a bit of Rense:

"If a mass of barium is vaporized in space, within seconds much of the barium becomes ionized by the suns rays, producing a highly reflective ionic cloud which deflects newly arriving solar energy back into space, thereby preventing the ground from warming to the temperature it otherwise would have attained."

Its odd, most chemtrails I have seen have been in the morning, and at dusk. What to make of that? I am no expert on chemtrails, so I cant say.

"The cloud cover that is generated causes the surface of the earth (land or sea) to be cooler than otherwise.

Cooler surface means the air directly above the ground or ocean will be less warmed than otherwise, which means less air will rise than would have risen otherwise, which means the pressure in that area will be higher than it would have been otherwise, which means that air flows will be redirected."

Is it not odd, that visibly the frequency of chemtrails has increased recently, whilst most of the US has been covered in snow storms? and that temperatures have been rapidly fluctuating?

Personally, I think global warming is bullshit, and I think the whole aim of this is to convince us that its real, and milk us of every penny we have, with the added effect of us becoming ill from the chemicals slowly but surely. It is well known that the particles fall to the earth, and I have been witness to powdery fog that descends a few hours after a spate of trailing.

This trailing is real, and it needs to be researched by as many people as possible. Its the most immediate "at your doorstep" threat from 'them' whoever they may be.

Or maybe you want to see this everyday til the day you die:

This is my photo, camera quality not the best!