Friday, 22 November 2013

The rise of collectivism - the rise of communism

Communism, community-ism. The idea that the populace at large are masters of destiny - when appropriately led of course. Communism is nowadays seen as mein fuhrer and his masses, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung Il. But the truth of the matter is that Britain embodies more of the ideals of Marxism than any communist dictatorship. The state you see, is the people, democracy - mob rule. Not 'The power that is' -one leader but 'The Powers that Be' -the rule of populace.

So when I read today that parents that buy alcohol for their children should be named and shamed, I immediately think to myself of the socialists in America who say that a child belongs to everyone and not just their parents. But of course in communism/socialism - a child does belong to everyone, in communism everyone is a ward of the state - it has to be that way to stop the (lol) rich bourgeoisie from ever taking power - and they always do - because its that rich bourgeoisie that manipulates events to ensure they take power.

this is quite short, but to me this is an example of what happens when you push God out of society. God is King, but you can't have kings in the New World Order - well, at least at first, seemingly.

ach, personality cults are so useful. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Repent of your sins - NOT

Repent! and believe the gospel!

What gospel? An average church will teach that the gospel is Jesus death, burial and resurrection, and that everyone who repents of their sins and lives for Christ - will be saved.

However this is not the case.

The Gospel i.e. good news is indeed all about Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection, but the good news is that Jesus came to earth! He came to earth to live, die and rise again. He died for your sins, my sins, everyones sins, he paid the price so that we don't have to, and by simply believing that Jesus died for your sins - your saved, you're going to heaven, no works, no repenting of sins, no living for Christ.

Thats salvation covered.

Being lazy I've listed every occasion of repentance in the bible, indeed sometimes it refers to sin, but to repent means to "change or turn", its like walking a path somewhere, and coming to where the road splits in two, two choices, you can continue on the original path, or go the new way. To say that Jesus wants you to change that path in order to be saved, is works. But repentance is indeed biblical, but it doesn't relate to anything to do with salvation, repenting won't save you, nor will not repenting cause you to lose salvation. It's just something that a christian does BECAUSE of salvation, because you love God - remember that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, all we do is say "Thanks God, thanks Jesus". Then you do the works, thats why James says faith without works is dead - hes speaking to christians - dead doesn't mean spiritually dead - it means inactive, not working - Like a dead battery. Faith is still faith. faith is what saves,

 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. - Ephesians 2:8-9

Repent of your sins is a pernicious heresy, its infiltrated a confused, and ignorant modern church, it swallows up babes in Christ who know so little of the bible that they simply quote the words of popular preachers as their own. I've been there, I've done that - I used to believe all manner of heresies, and I can tell you that the quickest, and easiest way to throw that heresy away, is to find one really good church, and go there, and cut everyone and everything else out. and STUDY your bible.

The problem is too many preachers, too much confusion, and nice sounding words. People like Paul Washer are sending people to hell, truly. They're preaching works, so before they're even saved they're listening to him and thinking "I need to repent". But repenting is something YOU DO, not something God does, and salvation comes from God. It doesn't matter if your intentions are good, but if you're believing the gospel. If you're not, then your working for your salvation, like a muslim or a catholic, and without the gospel they're both heading downward. So if you think that repentance is something you have to do to be saved, repent of that false belief - turn from it, and turn to God, simply believe the gospel - then you will be saved.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Where is truth, justice and liberty today?

He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit.  

Proverbs 12:17-19

We have a real problem in the world today, A man - a Somali man - is on the run from British police. The furor exists because this man is suspected of being part of the CIA funded Al-Shibab, which authorities say carried out the Kenyan hostage/siege thing that happened a while back. Apparently this Somali man is Satan incarnate, because he claims that MI5 tortured him, and is throroughly suing him. The real problem of course, is that this man escaped dressed in a Burkha. This is scary, be afraid, be very afraid.

Where is truth and justice today? Can you honestly trust the news? News agencies today blithely report TORTURE by our governments as if its a little bit of extra cash on the side, or a a bit of naughtiness. If the newsmedia truly cared about truth and justice, wouldn't they be going crackers over this? I mean, if they can do this abroad, under the nose of a sovereign government, why can't they do it here where they rule the roost? Who's going to stop them?!

This is where I get REALLY ANGRY, you see, torture is one step away from execution, any government that does this should be removed, and then imprisoned. Its a direct violation of the Bill of Rights - yes Britain has a Bill of Rights, and its a violation of the Geneva convention, and of the European Human Rights Act. Yet nobody says a word. The main problem of course, is that the News media not only fails to act appropriately towards crimes against humanity, but often it won't report on it, or will simply lie. why do they do this?

They are our manipulators, Last night, on Question Time, the debate was this - "Should we ban Burkhas", now - should that have been the main topic of debate? In a just society, in a land that loves liberty? Should it not have been talk of revolution? OUR GOVERNMENT TORTURES PEOPLE, WITHOUT ANY HESITATION, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Recently Steven Anderson covered Revelation 18, which refers to the destruction of Babylon, He referred to America as the American Empire, which is essentially the modern day Babylonian/Roman/Greek Empire. He thoroughly believes that the American Empire will be nuked by the Kings of the Earth for its sins which have spread across the Earth, one of which is the sin of Hollywood, which has deceived the entire world. One of the horrors which we humans now face is the violation of liberty, and the violation of long established human rights, which are enshrined in the US constitution, which is based upon BRITISH common law. I capitalize british for one reason - before America was the champion of freedom and liberty, We - here in the UK, were the European champion of freedom and liberty. We had our problems, but one thing we ensured was this:

No excessive bail or "cruel and unusual punishments" may be imposed.

Not only is it disgusting that we here in the UK don't carry a copy of our rights around like many Americans do, nor cherish those rights as INALIENABLE or given by GOD, but even more so, is that many people would gladly take those rights away from people without any hesitation, simply because HOLLYWOOD has made it that people view the world in this skewed way, where the government has its secret police, who are always right, and that people who act like unintelligent cavemen and just shoot people on sight is cool and normal, Truly Satan runs Hollywood, and runs the hearts and minds of billions who are deceived, It is not good to shy away from injustice, it is in fact EVIL to wish injustice on others. Yet we allow, neigh apathetically support these injustices on others because of cowardess, and laziness. I don't know if its the TV, fluoride, aspartame, chemtrails or whatever thats causing people to shy away from saying NO, but I think more than anything its selfishness. But one day folks, its all going to come back to haunt you. It may be brown people far far away who are the enemy off our governments at the moment, but one day folks, they'll bring US ALL into remembrance, and then the hammer - and the sickle is going to fall.

Oh, and lets not forget that God had Babylon NUKED. Don't think that he's going to just let you get off scot free.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Revelation 18:4

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Arch linux, I love it!

It may not be the most talked about Linux distribution, but it most certainly IS the most controversial. Seen as the flyboy's distro, bleeding edge, likely to break at any time; Arch Linux has its fair share of detractors.

But theres something elegant about it. Once set up, it tends to go without a hitch, and theres plenty of ways to automate the install process, you can even download premade distros, some that actually endeavour to increase stability. Arch, after all thats been said about it, may be the most extensible distribution of them all.

I've been using Arch for about two months now, and had my own problems with it, mainly bluetooth and pulseaudio. I decided to try Manjaro - thinking it would be too difficult to install arch and keep my original home folder. But in the end I knew I needed Arch, its just too nice to be there on the edge of the cliff, feeling the wind in my hair, knowing any moment I could fall, and that my computer could explode. Its a good feeling.

Arch to me, is quite a libertarian distribution, its definitely small government, it lets you do whatever you want. You can simply have a cli environment, or you can have any DE/WM you want, seriously, it has THE largest selection of DE's out there, all the latest upstream releases. Its kernel is as close as you can get to upstream, and if you use the AUR you can get that too (or compile yourself).

Installation is ridiculously hard first time round, if you've never done it before you're going to have to follow the wiki or use a youtube video, or if you like you can have a pop at the aui script - which I used today to reinstall arch (utterly amazing, goes above and beyond!)

It solved almost every problem I had (bar the home folder problem which simply required me to specify the home folder in useradd)

I feel that Linux is pretty much the answer to the problem of safety and security on the web. Its inherently more secure - largely due to root access being restricted, and when you're using up to date programs you have all the loveliness of upstream security updates, with no one inbetween. Try Arch, theres not much to say about it other than its a real learning experience, one that is mightily fulfilling.